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Ben Costanzi Receives NE SARE Research Grant

Ben Costanzi, M.S. student studying Weed Ecology and Management in the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences, was one of 13 graduate students to receive a Northeast Region SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) grant.  His NESARE project, “Improving Weed Control on the Small Farm: Evaluation of Scale-Appropriate Cultivation Tools,” was awarded $8,700 to conduct studies of hand tools, with a specific focus on (1) efficacy and working rates, and (2) farmers’ qualitative assessment of ergonomics and ease of use.  There were 51 proposals to this new NESARE program.  Ben started his program in May 2010 and has initiated field and lab experiments focused on hand tools for weed control on small-scale farms.  For more information contact Ben (, or Eric Gallandt (, or visit


Ben Costanzi, UMaine M.S. student is working on improved weed control for small-scale growers.

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