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Nanocellulose Facility - Nanocellulose Resources

fotorcollage14For more information on the world of nanomaterial production and research, visit the links below.

  • Subscribe to The Exilva Blog from Borregaard and Exilva for a weekly update on the field of microfibrillated cellulose.
  • An excellent review of nanocellulose research and development can be found in the 2013 edition of “Production and Applications of Cellulosic Nanomaterials.” The book was jointly produced by the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, DOC National Institute of Standards and Technology, the University of Maine, and TAPPI. A PDF preview of the book is available here.
  • Visit the homepage of the USDA’s Forest Products Laboratory, our nanocellulose production and research partner.
  • For updates on what’s going on in the world of cellulose nanomaterials, visit the website of our business partner nanoC Technology.
  • View TAPPI’s informative and artistic video describing the nature of nanofiber.
  • Check out these 2012 presentations on the progress of nanotechnology from TAPPI and FPL.
  • Read the most recent issue of Tappi’s Nano360 Newsletter.
  • Watch this TEDx talk on cellulosic nanomaterials, environmental responsibility and the forest products industry.

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