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Services - Resource Recovery

To dispose of electronic waste, toner and injet cartridges call 581-3076Resource Recovery’s primary function is managing recycling and waste management services for the majority of the campus community.

Paper products of all types generated on campus are collected for recycling, organic discards from dining facilities are collected for composting, construction and demolition debris is collected and sorted for recovery, and a host of other materials are recovered every year.

UMaine’s resource recovery services continues to grow. The on-going support and participation by the students, faculty and staff will ensure our success. Please contact Resource Recovery, Facilities Management, at 581.3076 or email for additional information.

UMaine Campus Switches to Single-Stream Recycling

The University of Maine has joined a growing number of communities making the switch to single-steam recycling, a system that simplifies recycling for the entire campus community.

 Single Stream is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Find a designated single stream receptacle
  2. Place clean, accepted materials in the receptacle – no sorting necessary!
  3. Let UMaine custodians take it from there!

For questions, please contact the Sustainability Office 581.1571.

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

UMaine maintains a small Material Recovery Facility (MRF, pronounced ‘murph’) where a variety of bulky wastes and hard to dispose of materials generated from construction, land clearing, and renovation projects are staged, reprocessed for reuse, or processed for disposal. Materials reprocessed for reuse include brush and tree waste, soil, asphalt, concrete, stone and other aggregate. Brush and tree waste is chipped and used on campus for building woodland paths or sold to local companies that use wood chips as a biomass fuel. Soil, asphalt, concrete, stone and other aggregates are stock piled, crushed and screened, and reused in sidewalk and road construction projects, landscaping, drainage materials around culverts and piping, and various other applications suitable for these reclaimed materials. Please contact UMaine Recycles at 581.3076 or email for additional information or to request services.

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