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19th annual HOPE Festival: April 27th, 11am – 4pm

Come join over sixty organizations (including MPAC!) working to make the world a better place at the 19th annual, “Help Organize Peace Earthwide”, or HOPE Festival! Learn how you can get involved with these wonderful organizations, listen to and dance to the Alamoosic Lake Drummers and Singers, and “music for Mother Earth” by Timbered Lake, watch Zachary Field’s amazing juggling, eat local, organic food, and make your DOT. This year, the theme of the HOPE Festival is Do One Thing. Event attenders will be invited to think of one thing they can do to make a better world, to create their own DOTs or to take ones from organizations and post them to a “Wall of HOPE,” and to listen to the keynote speakers, twelve presentations from people around Maine who will be promoting their vision of one thing that we can all do to make a better world.

There will also be a wide variety of children’s activities and an “art-a-thon,” led by MPAC members in which children (or adults) will be invited to create art that will represent what hope means to them.

Below is a full list of the day’s events. The event is free and open to the public. We hope to see you there!

11:00  Blessing by members of the Penobscot Nation 

11:15   HOPE Festival Chorus

12:15   Zachary Field’s amazing juggling  

1:15   Timbered Lake, music for Mother Earth 

2:15 “Do One Thing” Community Presentations 

3:15 Connecting the Dots “We are United for the Common Good” with Heidi Brugger

3:30 Alamoosic Lake Drummers and Singers