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Minor in German - German Courses

Ger 101: Elementary German I

Ger 101 is designed for the absolute beginner; no prior knowledge of German required. First part of a 2-semester sequence. Satisfies the General Education Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives Requirement.

Ger 102: Elementary German II

Continued study of the basics of the German Language. Emphasis on developing reading, comprehension, speaking and writing skills. For students with no previous study of German or fewer than two years in high school.

General Education Requirements: Satisfies the General Education Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives Requirement.


Ger 203 – Intermediate German I

This course is intended to further develop your oral, aural and written communication skills as well as reading abilities. Students will read and discuss several types of texts from various genres: a children’s book, short bibliographical essays, as well as an excerpts from diaries and literary texts. All reading material will be integrated with audio, video and web-based materials.

Prerequisite: GER 102, GER 121 or equivalent as indicated by placement exam.  Cr 3.

Ger 204 – Intermediate German II

An integrated approach. Reading texts as well as various audiovisual materials are employed to strengthen reading, writing and especially speaking and comprehension skills. Includes a systematic but gradual review of the essentials of German grammar.

Satisfies the General Education Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives requirement.

Prerequisite: GER 102: Elementary German II


Ger 307: German for the Professions

This course has two complementary purposes. The first is to build on the students’ knowledge of German. Students who have attained a moderate level of proficiency in the German language both orally and in writing will gain familiarity with the more specialized language and conventions in professional environments. Subject areas covered will include communications, advertisement, marketing, international trade, tourism and transportation. Since linguistic and cultural proficiency are equally important when communicating professionally with members of the target culture, appropriate conduct will be practiced through cultural awareness raising exercises similar to those used by the Peace Corps and International Corporations.

The second purpose of this course is to attain factual knowledge of the social structure and important institutions in German-speaking Europe. Thus, students will gain an understanding of the economic geography, environmental policies, the basic political and social structures, how the media works, and their respective positions within or in relation to the European Union.

Satisfies General Education Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives, and Writing Intensive requirements.

Prerequisite: GER 204 or equivalent or permission of instructor. Cr 3.

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