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Faculty and Staff


Visiting Faculty

  • Rubén Arias Rueda, (University of the Basque Country), Assistant Professor of Spanish (Spring 2014)


Part-Time Faculty

  • Paulette Barton, Latin
  • Danielle Beaupré, French
  • James Brophy, Latin and Classics
  • Maria Fuentes, Spanish
  • Maria Rave, Spanish
  • Anette Ruppel Rodrigues, German
  • Yvonne Thibodeau, Multiculturalism
Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Vanessa Kelley, French
  • Elisa Sance, French

Critical Languages Program

  • Rachel Precopio-White, Coordinator

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants

  • Su Gao, Chinese
  • Romany Melek,  Arabic


Faculty Associates

  • Jean-Claude Redonnet, Professor Emeritus, Université de Paris – Sorbonne