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Faculty & Staff - Logue

Mary Ellin LogueMary Ellin Logue photo

226 Merrill Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5749


Associate professor Early Childhood Education

B.S. University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
Major in Child Development.

Merrill-Palmer Institute, Detroit, Michigan
Concentration in Family Studies and Public Policy.

M.A. Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan
Concentrations in Special Education, Counseling and Elementary Education.

Ed.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
Concentrations in Early Childhood Education, Social Development and Teacher Education.

Post-doctoral Fellowship, Brown University
Concentration on Risk, Resiliency and Prevention of adverse outcomes in young children

Speciality Areas:

  • Early childhood development and education
  • Parent involvement in education
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Teacher education
  • Social cognition in childhood

Courses taught:

  • CHF 321: Teaching Science in Early Childhood
  • CHF 322: Teaching Social Studies in Early Childhood
  • CHF 304: Practicum and seminar in teaching K-3
  • CHF 421: Student Teaching K-3
  • CHF 424: Student teaching seminar
  • HUD 560: Seminar in advanced child development
  • HUD 521: Science as Inquiry in Early Childhood Education
  • CHF 450: Early Childhood Special Education
  • SEI 501: Infant and toddler development and education

Research interests:

My research interest involves children’s success in school. I am interested in how different educational environments support or hinder children’s success.  I am interested in applying principles of child development knowledge to the practice of education.   A strong believer in prevention, I am convinced that if we use what we know about children’s development in context, we can prevent large numbers of children from school failure.  If we can create or modify environments in ways that allow and encourage key adults to focus on children’s strengths rather than weaknesses, we can alter the ecology of child development for many children currently at risk for school failure.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:
Logue, M.E., Dayhuff, M.H., Keen, R.C., & Field, T. Lessons from Roberta. Young Children, (2013). 68,3, 76079.

Logue, M.E, Cronkite, D, Shelton, H & Austin, J. (2012).  Strengthening Partnerships with Toddlers’ Parents Through Toddler Stories.  Revised and expanded from 2007 article.  Spotlight on Infants and Toddlers. Washington, DC: NAEYC.

Logue, M.E. & Detour, A (2011) “You be the Bad Guy”: A new role for teachers in supporting children’s dramatic play. Early Childhood Research and Practice. Vol. 13 (1).
Blagovejec, B., Logue, M.E., Bennett-Armistead, S., Taylor, B. & Neal, E. (2011). Picturing good practice: Visual supports for learning. Teaching Young Children.  Vol. 4(5), 10-13.

Logue, M.E., Bennett-Armistead, S. & Kim, S. 2011) Social Studies Research and Practice Journal). The Persona Doll Project: Promoting Understanding of Diversity and Difference Among Pre-service Teachers Through Story. Vol. 6 (2).

Sidelinger, T. & Logue, M.E. (2011). The Problem of Burnout Among Early Educators and How it may Lead to Staff Turnover. Journal of Maine Education.

Logue, M.E. & Harvey, H.  Preschool teachers’ views of active play (2010) . Journal of Research in Childhood Education,  24(1), 32-49.

Ceglowski, D.A., Logue, M.E., Gibert, J. & Ulrich, A. (2009)  Parents perceptions of child care for young children with disabilities. Early Childhood Journal, 36 (6), 407-504.

Logue, M.E., Brown, M., Robie, M. & Waite, K.  Read my dance. (2009). Childhood Education, 85(4) 216-222.

Logue, M.E. & Shelton, H.  (September 2008).  Stories Bad Guys Tell.  The Constructivist, National journal for the Association of Constructivist Teaching, 19(1),

Mitchell, S; Reilly, R & Logue, ME.  (2009). Benefits of Collaborative Action Research for the Beginning Teacher.  Teaching and Teacher Education, 25, 334-339.

Logue, M.E. (2007).   Early Childhood Learning Guidelines: Tools for Promoting Social and Academic Success. Children and Schools.

Logue, M.E, Cronkite, D, Shelton, H & Austin, J. (2007).  Strengthening Partnerships with Toddlers’ Parents Through Toddler Stories.  Young Children.  62(2), 85-88.
Logue, M.E. (2007). Promoting kindergarten success: Lessons from Early Childhood Education.  Maine Journal of Education.

Edwards, C.P. & Logue, M.E. (2007).  Curriculum, social.  Essay entry for R. New & M. Cochran (Eds.), Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia, Vol. 1 (pp.
212-216). Westport, CT: Praeger.

Logue, M.E. (May 2006).  Exploring differences in the behavior of toddlers and preschoolers in same- and multi-age classes: Teacher action inquiry.  Young Children.
Logue, M.E. (May 2006).  Exploring differences in the behavior of toddlers and preschoolers in same- and multi-age classes: Teacher action inquiry.  Young Children (National Journal for the Association for the Education of Young Children).

Other Publications
RMC Research (D’Angelo, Logue, M.E., Brown, J., Witherspoon, R).  A series of 7 training guides for the Head Start Learning Community. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Head Start Bureau (1995-2001).

WGBH and RMC Research (1997).  Our Stories Keep Us Connected.  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

Logue, M.E. (1996).  Attachment in Early Head Start.  Head Start Bulletin, April.

Logue, M.E. (1996).  Supporting Transition in Even Start.  Commissioned paper for the Even Start Manager’s Guide.

RMC Research (Logue, M.E. & Adler, C.R) (1993).  The Ready, Set, Go! Home Visitor’s Guide, Children’s book and Parent Resource. Funded and published by the U.S. Department of Education under contract number RP91006003.

Love, J.M., Logue, M.E., Trudeau, J., & Thayer, K.  (1992). Transitions to kindergarten in American schools: Final report of the National Transition Study.  (Contract LC88089001, U.S. Department of Education).  Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation.

Logue, M.E., Rivinis, T.  (1991).  A developmental view of and resiliency.  In Rivinis (Ed.) Children of substance abusing parents.  Bruner-Mazel.

Logue, M.E., & Love, J.M.  (1992, May).  Making the transition to kindergarten.  Principal, 71 (5), 10-12.

Early Childhood Task Force, State of Maine.  Supporting Parents Sub-committee (2004-present)
Early Childhood Learning Guidelines Task Force and Advisory Committee, State of Maine (2004-2006)
Maine Early Childhood Higher Education Committee (2002-present)
Maine Early Childhood Credentialing Committee (2004-2005)
Project Opportunity Advisory Committee (English as a Second Language Teacher Preparation grant, University of Maine (2003-present)
Center for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee (2006-2012).
Eastern Maine Community College Early Childhood Education Advisory Committee (2002-present).
Faculty Advisor, Student Chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, University of Maine.

Society for Research in Child Development
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Association for Childhood Education International
Council for Exceptional Children
Maine Roads to Quality
Association for Constructivist Teaching

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