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Faculty & Staff

Dean’s Office
Graduate Programs
Undergraduate Programs
Advising Center and Support Services
Office of Field Experiences and Certification
  • Jared Beal,  Unit Administrator/Graduate Assistant
Department of Educational Leadership, Higher Education, and Human Development

Department Staff

Child Development and Family Relations

Educational Leadership

  • Richard Ackerman, Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Catherine Biddle, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Sarah Mackenzie, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Ian Mette, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
  • George Marnik, Lecturer

Higher Education

  • Elizabeth Allan , Professor of Higher Education
  • Leah Hakkola, Lecturer of Higher Education
Department of Exercise Science and STEM Education

Department Staff

Athletic Training

STEM Education

  • Justin Dimmel, Assistant Professor of Math Education
  • Eric Pandiscio, Associate Professor of Math Education
  • Daniel Capps, Assistant Professor of Science Education
  • Jonathan Shemwell, Assistant Professor of Science Education and Cooperating Assistant Professor of Physics

Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE)

Research Methodology

Department of Teacher and Counselor Education

Department Staff

Counselor Education

Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction (CA&I)


 Special Education