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Mission Statement

The University of Maine Clinical Psychology Program is dedicated to diversity, consistent with the broad definition accepted by the American Psychological Association. Faculty and students in the program are committed to providing a supportive and open learning environment for all individuals regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, race, sexuality, disability, or beliefs. Respect for the differing opinions and attitudes of all individuals, as well as the continued acceptance of these differences, are important to the development of this environment. We value the importance of interaction with individuals different from oneself and find this to be vital to our education.

Diversity Training

Given the program’s emphasis on diversity, related training is infused throughout the curriculum and clinical practicum experiences. For example, in addition to specific diversity readings courses, most of the core clinical courses include significant coverage of diversity and related issues. Further, attention to diversity is also emphasized in clinical practicum experiences and all students are required to speak to related concerns in weekly case conference presentations. All students also complete a clinical supervision and consultation portfolio that includes a section on diversity issues addressed in particular clinical cases.