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People Directory - Current Students

Current MST Students (alphabetically):

Here is a list of our currently active MST students, sorted by discipline:


Clint Eaton

Earth Sciences:

Dan Laverty


Zachary Batz
Sundance Campbell
Joshua Case
Kendra Michaud
Jen Tyne
Stephanie Virgilio


Greg Kranich

 Generalist (Physical Sciences):

Jason Bakelaar (Earth Sciences/Physics & Astronomy)
Robert Blaisdell (Physical Sciences)
Meredith Muller (Physics/Astronomy)

Generalist (Life Sciences):

Jonathan Dumont
Grace Gonnella
Stacia Hoover
Leif Johnson
Justin Lewin
Rachel Short
Darlene Turcotte
Ryan Weatherbee

Generalist (Earth Science/Life Science):

Generalist (Math/Science):

Aleita Burman (Life & Physical Sciences/Mathematics)
Daniel Gibson (Mathematics/Physics)
Hendrik Lenferink (Mathematics/Physical Sciences)
Savannah Lodge-Scharff (Physics/Mathematics)
Laura Millay (Mathematics/Chemistry)
Tiffany Wilson (Physical Sciences/Mathematics)



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