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Office Functions - Cash Management Training Information

The adobe acrobat reader may be needed to view or print some of the following data. To obtain the reader please visit Adobe’s download site.

The collection and handling of cash is governed by Administrative Practice LetterI-E (PDF)Administrative Practice Letter I-F (PDF), and Administrative Practice Letter I-D (PDF). In brief:

(1) cash registers or pre-numbered cash receipts must be used to record the receipt of cash at the departmental office; (2) departments must deposit daily cash and checks in the Bursar’s Office on a SCHEDULE OF COLLECTIONS FORM; (3) employees assigned responsibility for handling cash are required to participate in a Web-based cash management session (provided by the Bursar’s Office) on an annual basis.

Departmental bags are available for transmittal of cash and checks; call the Bursar at 581-1521, to obtain a locking bag.

For Additional Information On Deposits please click here (PDF)

The following is a list of forms in use by the University of Maine as of 05/23/13 please use them instead of the examples shown in the Administrative Practice Letters.

Policies and procedures governing administrative policies are found in documents issued by the University of Maine System (UMS) Board of Trustees, the UMS Chancellor’s Office, and campus-specific memoranda from the President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Deans and Directors. UMS documents may be found in Administrative Practice Letters.


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