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ARI Faculty - Tim Bowden

Timothy J Bowden, Assistant Professor of Aquaculture

The Bowden lab focuses on aquatic animal health and the environmental impacts on health, especially climate change and its influence on the health of aquatic animals.

His research priorities include:

  • exploring the seasonal and environmental factors that effect health of shellfish and finfish species.
  • immune development on larval animals.
  • development of biosecurity guidelines for shellfish farmers.
  • development of novel challenge models and treatments for finfish and shellfish diseases.
  • investigating the changes that occur to the immune system during aging, and how this effects disease susceptibility.
  • seasonal variation in immune function of fish and shellfish.
  • effect of ocean acidification and climate change on the health and disease resistance of aquaculture species.
  • development of artificial skins for the in-vitro culture of fish parasites.
  • species of interest include: salmon, oysters, seahorses, abalone, cod, razor clams, halibut and lobsters.

Contact Details:

Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences
University of Maine
5735 Hitchner Hall, Room 237
Orono, ME 04469-5735
Phone: (207) 581 2772
Fax: (207)  581 2729

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