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BASICS Schedule Spring 2014


Students who are found responsible for an on-campus alcohol or marijuana violation may satisfy their judicial sanction in one of two ways.

  • Education class. Students who are found responsible for a minor first-time alcohol or marijuana violation may attend the one-hour class.  The class schedule may be accessed here (Link) Students may opt to attend an individual session in lieu of the class.
  • Individual meeting. For subsequent or more serious violations, students will attend individual meetings. Students sanctioned by the Conduct Office to an individual session should call the SWRC office at 581-1423 or click here to schedule a time.

(Please note: The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities may also assign additional sanctions, such as community service or a reflection paper. Each case is handled individually.)

Harm Reduction
Our approach is harm reduction. We do not tell students what they should or should not do. We provide accurate information, enabling students to make informed and healthy decisions.

Students concerned about their use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, or other drugs may come on their own to meet confidentially with a licensed counselor. There is no fee. Students might want to stop using or just cut back; either way, we can assist.

Students concerned about someone else, such as a family member, friend, teammate, or roommate may also talk with one of our staff.