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Student Wellness Resource Center

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Alcohol and Other Drugs - University Policy and Law

The following is taken from the Student Handbook:

“Social settings may vary in size and purpose, and some will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. In this respect it is expected that all those who choose to use alcohol on the University campus do so in a responsible and appropriate manner and at no time should alcohol become a primary focus of any activity. Students should understand that misuse of alcohol or other drugs can result in psychological and physical dependence and that alcohol and other drug abuse can lead to serious physical consequences such as suppression of immune response, organ damage, and learning and memory problems. Any substance used immoderately will result in negative consequences for the user.”

It is against state law and University policy:

Current law classifies furnishing or allowing consumption of liquor by a minor as a Class D crime. This bill increases the classification to a Class C crime if the consumption of the furnished liquor by the minor proximately causes death of or bodily injury to the minor or any other individual.

The sale of alcoholic beverages is permitted only under the auspices of the University catering services staff and requires a special state license.

In an effort to maximize risk management, assist student organizations, and encourage responsible and accountable sponsorship, a campus-wide committee charged by the Vice President for Student Affairs developed the Catered-Party Policy in 1988 for the University of Maine. A series of more recent revisions have clarified the policy and made it more conducive to broad-based distribution. The service of alcoholic beverages at University functions must be in compliance with Maine State Law and University policies – i.e., an individual must be of legal age to possess or purchase alcoholic beverages; and individuals/organizations may not sell alcoholic beverages without proper license. The only approved University of Maine plan for dispensing alcoholic beverages at student functions is the University Catered-Party Policy. The sale of alcohol at any function is illegal without a catering license.

Catering Services: The University will extend its qualified caterers liquor license for University Catered Parties under the following conditions:

Conditions and Guidelines: In following the conditions and guidelines below, Greek organizations should seek assistance and approval from the Associate Dean of Students. All other organizations should seek assistance or approval from the Office of Substance Abuse Services.

  1. Arrangements must be made with the Associate Dean of Students or the Office of Substance Abuse Services fourteen (14) days prior to the event.
  2. The sponsoring organization plays a major role in planning and implementing the event. Furthermore, the student organization is responsible for seeing the members’ and guests’ behavior is consistent with University policies and state statutes. The sponsoring organization must create an atmosphere where norms of responsible alcohol use prevail.
  3. The University will determine in consultation with student groups the number of staff, including police coverage, required to service a party function.
  4. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages must be available at the service areas at the same price or less than the cost of alcoholic beverages. Food available in sufficient quantities to last the entire event must be present.
  5. University catered parties will occur only on Fridays and Saturdays. Exceptions for special occasions will be considered.
  6. Money collected for University catered parties is limited to cash sales over the bar with all money being collected by Catering Office staff. Organizations hosting licensed parties may, however, collect a cover charge at the door to help defray party expenses related to entertainment. The cost of beer and wine offered for sale at University catered parties should be competitive with market prices.
  7. All party venues must be in compliance with town fire, safety, and crowd-control regulations in order to be eligible for the University Catered-Party Policy. Regulations are available from the Associate Dean of Students.

State of Maine Alcohol Laws

Information provided by the Bureau of Highway Safety and Bureau of Liquor Enforcement.

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