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Alcohol and Other Drugs - BASICS

What is BASICS?

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students is a program used by students to explore their drinking in a non-judgmental environment. Two individual meetings are held with a member of the Alcohol and Drug Education Program. (ADEP), the Counseling Center or other staff trained in BASICS.


During the first meeting, the program is explained, an alcohol-use history is obtained, and the student completes an online self-assessment. At the second meeting, information and assessment results from the first meeting are reviewed and plans discussed to reduce the risk of subsequent violations. The goal of the program is to reduce risky behaviors and harmful consequences resulting from alcohol abuse.

Who Should Participate?

BASICS is appropriate for any student who uses alcohol, especially those curious about their drinking. BASICS provides an opportunity to assess individual use patterns, identify potential changes, and discuss ideas to help reduce the risk of future problems.

To contact the Alcohol and Drug Education Programs, call 581-1423

On Campus Resources

  • Counseling Center 581-1392
  • Peer Educators 581- 4561
  • Cutler Health Center 581- 4179
  • Student Affairs 581-1406

Off Campus Resources

  • Alcoholics Anonymous 800-737-6237
  • Al-Anon 800-498-1844
  • Narcotics Anonymous 818-773-9999
  • Emergency 911

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