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Welcome to Student Wellness Resource Center

I've got your BACK!  Be aware... Accept responsibility... Consider the consequences... Know what to do and do it.  How to help a friend.


Wellness: “The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health”

Whether it is physical, personal, or mental wellness, many of us strive for a state of being well. Our goal at the Student Wellness Resource Center is to promote a healthy lifestyle, help you define what being “well” means to you, and providing you with resources, information, and assistance in reaching your goals. Through programs ranging from alcohol and tobacco education, Drunk Drugged and Distracted driving education, to physical fitness, or bystander intervention training, we have what you are looking for.


Stay warm this Winter! Click Here for information about Hypothermia and Frostbite.



Part of the Division of Student Life,the Student Wellness Resource Center provides students, the University, and the surrounding community with drug, tobacco, and alcohol education, resources, referrals and counseling.

If you have questions regarding an alcohol or other drug issue, please make an appointment by calling (207) 581-1423.

The Student Wellness Resource Center offers students opportunities to look at personal behaviors and options to choose healthy lifestyles- grounded in moderation and the acceptance of personal responsibility for actions.

Our office is located on the main floor of the Memorial Union in room 235.








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