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JuneĀ 1 – June 27, 2014

The University of Maine Archaeological Fieldschool will again be held at several shell midden sites associated with prehistoric petroglyphs in Machias Bay. The fieldschool is conducted in cooperation with the Passamaquoddy Petroglyph Project, which contributes an understanding of occupation sites associated with some of the most significant concentrations of petroglyphs in the Northeast and Atlantic Canada. Over the lastĀ 4 years we excavated a site occupied by the French in the 1600s and by the ancestors of the Passamaquoddy and Wabanaki for at least the previous 1000 years. We will be working to learn more about both cultures, to see if we can identify interaction between them, and to identify special activities that may be related to the rock art.

Students will gain an understanding of modern archaeological excavation techniques, the depth and diversity of local and regional prehistory, and the importance of incorporating knowledge from the present to the past. Visitors and guest lecturers are commonplace and include local experts, such as the Passamaquoddy, to regional archaeological and geological specialists.

The fieldschool is directed by Dr. Brian Robinson, an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change, and is funded by a prestigious MAPI (Maine Academic Prominence Initiative) grant provided by UMaine and co-written with Dr. Lisa Neuman, an Anthropology faculty member jointly appointed in Native American Studies. MAPI funding for the fieldschool covers all participant expenses and include 4 credits of in-state tuition (ANT 477), room and board, and transportation to the field site.

Applications for the fieldschool are currently being collected, and should be submitted to:

Dr. Brian Robinson
5773 South Stevens Hall
Anthropology Department
University of Maine 04469

Deadline for application is Monday, March 24, 2014

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