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Student Clubs & Organizations - UMADCOWS

University of Maine Applied Dairy Cooperative of Organized Working Students

UMADCOWSThe UMADCOWS is a unique program that was founded in the spring of 1998 by a group of motivated students wanting an opportunity to work hands on with large animals on campus. It was through extreme dedication and hard work that the program is where it is today. The barn functions as a cooperative where everyone is ultimately responsible for the well-being and daily care of the herd. The UMADCOWS is open to sophomore, junior and senior students as AVS 346/347 Dairy Cattle Technology. These are required classes for graduation with a degree in animal science.

Witter Center dairy barnThe UMADCOWS provide a unique, hands-on experience for University of Maine students interested in animal and dairy science. Students work as a team to manage the milking, feeding, reproduction, genetics and health of the 80 registered Holstein cows and replacement calves and heifers housed at the J.F. Witter Teaching and Research Center.

Success requires students take an active, dynamic role in the decisions that affect the dairy herd during the semester by monitoring performance, identifying problems and developing solutions to problem areas. In addition students develop leadership, decision-making, time management, communication, and group skills as they work cooperatively to achieve specific goals.

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