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Faculty and Staff - Rita L. Seger, M.D., Ph.D.


  • B.S. Biochemistry University of Missouri at Columbia 1988.
  • M.D. University of Missouri at Columbia 1992.
  • Internal Medicine Residency, University Hospital and Harry S. Truman V.A.Hospital, Columbia, Missouri 1992-1995.
  • Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Science University of Maine 2008.


Seger, RL, RA Cross, CJ Rosen, RC Causey, CM Gundberg, TO Carpenter, TC Chen, WA Halteman, MF Holick, WJ Jakubas, DH Keisler, RM Seger, FA Servello.  2011.  Investigating the mechanism for maintaining eucalcemia despite immobility and anuria in the hibernating American black bear (Ursus americanus).  Bone 49: 1205-1212.

Seger, RL, FA Servello, RA Cross, DH Keisler.  2013.  Body mass and mast abundance influence foraging ecology of the American black bear (Ursus americanus) in Maine.  Canadian Journal of Zoology 91: 512-522.


Dr. Seger’s research interests include physiology and ecology of the American black bear (Ursus americanus). She is interested in ursine hibernation as a model system for studies of physiological processes related to immobility and anuria.  Her dissertation research investigated bone turnover in active and hibernating bears.  In ecology work, she have used nitrogen stable isotope analyses to investigate the importance of carnivory and beechnuts in diets of black bears in Maine. 

Student Involvement

Dr. Seger has occasionally been a member of committees for senior projects. 

Dr Seger practices general internal medicine part-time.

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