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Faculty and Staff - Richard Kersbergen

kersbergenExtension Professor Sustainable Dairy and Forage Systems
University of Maine Cooperative Extension            
992 Waterville Rd                                                                 
Waldo ME 04915                                                                  

(207) 342-5971

Educational Background

  • 1978 B.A.                   Biology, Bates College, Lewiston, ME
  • 1984 M.S.                   Animal Nutrition, UMaine, Orono, ME

 Professional Work Experience

  • UMaine Livestock Supervisor and Lecturer (1985-1987)
  • UMaine Cooperative Extension, Extension Professor (1998)
  • Cooperating Professor, Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (2004)                  
  • UMaine Graduate School (2006)
  • USDA/Agricultural Research Service, New England Plant Soil and Water Lab Cooperating Scientist (2006-2012)

   Applied Research

  • Assisting Organic Dairy Producers to Meet the Demands of New and Emerging Milk Markets. USDA-NIFA, OREI Integrated Proposal 2011-2015. Collaborator and Co-PI on New England research and education proposal (New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania) looking at improving milk components in an organic dairy system.
  • Determining the Cost of Producing Milk in Maine 2010. Contract with the Maine Department of Agriculture 2010-2011. This project involves collecting economic performance data from approximately 40 farms in Maine of various sizes and production styles to determine the average cost of producing milk.
  • Organic Bread Wheat. 2008-2013. Collaboration on a USDA OREI award and a MAC grant to investigate organic bread wheat production in ME and VT


Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Experiment Station Publications

Kersbergen, Richard J., G. Anderson, G. Criner and A. Davis. 2013. Cost of Producing Milk in Maine: Results from the 2010 Dairy Cost of Production Survey.  ME Agricultural & Forest Experiment Station Bulletin 853. ISSN: 1070-1494.

Hoshide, Aaron K., J.M. Halloran, R.J. Kersbergen, T.S. Griffin, S.L. DeFauw, B.J. Lagasse, and S. Jain.  2011. Impacts of Alternative Cropping Systems and Farm Size on the Profitability of Maine Organic Dairy Farms. J. Dairy Sci. Vol 94, Issue 11. Pages 5710-5723.

Gabe, T., J.C. McConnon Jr. and R. Kersbergen. August 2011. Economic Contribution of Maine’s Food Industry. Maine Policy Review. (ISSN 1064-2587) Vol 20 Number 1 pages 36-44.

Marston, S.P.,  G.W. Clark, G.W. Anderson, R.J. Kersbergen, M. Lunak, D.P. Marcinkowski, M.R. Murphy, C.G. Schwab and P.S. Erickson. June 2011.  Maximizing profit on New England organic dairy farms: An economic comparison of 4 total mixed rations for organic Holsteins and Jerseys. J. Dairy Science Volume 94, Issue 6, pages 3184-3201.


Peer Reviewed International Periodical Articles

Parsons, R, R. Kersbergen and L. McCrory. Es la Production de leche organica una operación rentable? Hoard’s Dairyman en espanol. Vol 14 Number 155. Fort Atkinson, WI Nov 2007.

Parsons, R. and R. Kersbergen, L McCrory. Is Organic Dairy Farming A Cash Cow? Hoard’s Dairyman. Vol 152 Number 8. Fort Atkinson, WI 2007.

Kersbergen, R. and T. Dalton. Organic Dairy Farming. Do High Pay Prices Equal More Profit? Hoard’s Dairyman. Vol. 160 Number 5.  Fort Atkinson, WI 2006

Kersbergen, R. and D. Schivera. What Milk Quality Looks Like on Organic Farms. Hoard’s Dairyman. Vol. 160 Number 4.  Fort Atkinson, WI 2006.

Student Involvement:

Dr. Kersbergen has worked with some students on their Senior Capstone Projects. He works extensively with small livestock producers and grass-farmers throughout t

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