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Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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Faculty and Staff - David Marcinkowski

Extension Dairy Specialist & Associate Professor
132 Hitchner Hall
Phone :207-581-2740
(Toll Free Instate) 1-800-287-7170
Fax: 207-581-4430

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Marston, S. P., G. W. Clark, G. W. Anderson, R. J. Kersbergen, M. Lunak, D. P. Marcinkowski, M. R. Murphy, C. G. Schwab and P. S. Erickson. 2011. Maximizing profit on New England organic dairy farms: An economic comparison of 4 total mixed rations for organic Holsteins and Jerseys. J. of Dairy Sci. 94: 3184-3201.

Heacock, P.S., D. P. Marcinkowski, G. W. Anderson, M. R. Stokes, and R. Kersbergen. Winter feeding strategies for lactating organic dairy cows. 2010. J. Dairy Sci. Vol. 93, E-Suppl. 1, Abstract #W91. p.612.

Clark, G.W.C., D. Marcinkowski, M. Stokes, G. Anderson and R. Kersbergen. 2008. Reducing Off-farm Grain Inputs on Northeast Organic Dairy Farms: An Evaluation of Alternative Forage Cropping and Concentrate Feeding Systems: Holstein Herd. Midwest Organic Research Symposium. Feb. 21-23, 2008, La Crosse, WI, Page 55. (Abstract)

Marcinkowski D. and Adams A. 2007. Use of Short Paper Fiber Products for Bedding Dairy Cattle. Research Report located online at:

Classes Taught

AVS346 – Dairy Cattle Technology – 3 Credit Hours – Fall Semester

Class website – On UMaine Blackboard System

This course covers the fundamentals of dairy cattle management. Students will use their basic knowledge of nutrition, lactation, reproduction, genetics and health to identify and evaluate key indicators of dairy farm performance. Students will also learn about the history, importance, advances and trends within the dairy industry.

AVS347 – Dairy Cattle Technology Laboratory – 2 Credit Hours – Fall and Spring Semesters

Students in this class “Learn by Doing”. They are responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the University Dairy Herd. Weekly meeting are used to discuss herd performance and management decisions.

AVS371 – University Dairy Cooperative II – 4 Credit Hours – Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

This class is a continuation of AVS347.

AV466 – Feeding Dairy Cattle – 2 Credit Hours – Spring Semester

Class website – On UMaine Blackboard System

Students will learn about the origins of common feedstuffs, how they are produced and the nutrients they supply to livestock. Nutrient requirements will be determined for various types of animals and rations will be formulated based to meet nutrient demands while maintaining productivity and health of the animal.  Causes, clinical signs, treatments and prevention of metabolic disorders are discussed.

Other Teaching Activities

Coach of the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

The Dairy Challenge allows students to apply what they have learned to real farm situations, while working as part of a team. In the competition a team of 4 students receives production and financial information from an operating dairy farm. They evaluate the farm, and develop a set of recommendations on how the management of the farm can be improved. The team members then present their recommendations before a panel of judges and are evaluated based on their analysis and recommendations. UMaine team members attend both regional and North American competitions annually.

New England Dairy Travel Course

In January of each year the, the New England Agriculture colleges organize a week-long trip to visit dairy farms and agribusinesses in a region of the country. I help plan and organize these trips and accompany Maine students. This is an excellent opportunity to see a large variety of operations, meet students with similar interests from other colleges and explore employment and graduate school opportunities

Research Interests

I do not have a formal research appointment however my research interests include; evaluating the behavior dairy animals in dairy facilities and evaluating management changes on farm profitability.

Student Involvement

AVS401/402 students have conducted a number of senior projects in these areas.



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