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Faculty and Staff


  • Robert Bayer – Professor, Executive Director of the Lobster Institute, Cooperative Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Research interests reflect the current problems of the lobster fishery; past research has included lobster nutrition, health, management and pathology.  

  • Timothy Bowden – Assistant Professor of AV Sin the Aquaculture Research Institute.  Research explores the seasonal and environmental factors that affect disease resistance in oysters and other shellfish species, development of biosecurity guidelines for shellfish farmers.

  • Robert Causey – Associate Professor, Cooperating Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Policy, Coordinator of Equine Studies minor.  Primary research interests are in equine reproduction, infectious diseases, equine anatomy and biomechanics, and the economic sustainability of equine farms in Maine.  A successful grant proposal provided funds for a new multi-use equine facility at the UMaine Witter Center.

  • Anne Lichtenwalner - Associate Professor and Extension Veterinarian, Director of the University of Maine Animal Health Lab (UMAHL), conducts translational research in agricultural and wildlife species.  Detected an important pathogen of small ruminants (Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis) in Maine sheep flocks, and is working with producers to help control or eliminate this pathogen from their flocks.

  • Martin R. Stokes – Distinguished Maine Professor, AVS Program Coordinator, Ruminant Nutritionist.  Research on silage production and utilization by dairy cattle including evaluation and development of silage additives.  Current research aims to simulate farm-scale fermentation temperature profiles by fermenting mini-silos in an incubator.  With colleagues at three other universities and the National Agriculture Library developed the Animal Science Image Gallery, images for use in teaching animal science classes.

  • Charles R. Wallace – Associate Professor, AVS Graduate Coordinator.  Current experiments are  investigating the effects on milk production of antibodies to bovine placental lactogen in two Holstein heifers.  An economic analysis indicated that it may be profitable for the Witter Center to raise their male calves for beef.

  • James A. Weber – Associate Professor and Cooperating Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Policy.  A recent survey of 2000 sheep and goats in Maine found a pathogenic parasite, Haemonchus contortus, was present on over 90% of surveyed farms.  This is a subtropical parasite that has apparently adapted to environmental conditions on Maine farms.

Extension Faculty

  • Gary Anderson – Associate Extension Professor and Cooperating Associate Professor of AVS, Animal and Biosciences Specialist.
  • Richard Kersbergen – Extension Educator, Waldo County Cooperative Extension Specialist.   Sustainable dairy and forage systems specialist; with extensive knowledge of grass farmed livestock and small ruminants.
  • David Marcinkowski – Extension Dairy Specialist, Associate Extension Professor and Associate Professor of AVS.  Teaches the UMADCOWS hands on courses where students are heavily involved in the management of the Witter Center dairy farm.  In cooperation with researchers at the University of New Hampshire evaluated the effects of managing the university herd organically.


Adjunct Faculty

  • Norrine (Nonni) Daly – Adjunct professor, significant expertise in Standardbred harness racing.
  • Clare Thomas-Pino – Adjunct professor; Equine, Livestock, & Companion Animal Behavior and the human-equine bond.

  • Rita Seger (MD) – Adjunct Research professor, physiology and ecology of the American black bear (Ursus americanus).