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Bruizer and Mom 07-21-13

Nonni Daly, Ed.D.



The AVS Program Office and many of the teaching, research and Cooperative Extension faculty and graduate students are housed in Hitchner Hall.

Hitchner Hall is also home to a number of research and service laboratories that provide valuable research information to the livestock producers of the state. These include the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Embryology Lab and a new state-of-the-art Digital Imaging Lab.

Research laboratories in Rogers Hall are dedicated to nutrition and reproductive physiology. Many of our students have either worked in the labs or chosen to do laboratory- based projects for their senior class presentations. These experiences allow them to acquire additional skills working with research animals, computers and other technologies, and laboratory equipment.

Located just one mile from the center of campus is the J. F. Witter Teaching and Research Center, which is the heart of the school’s livestock teaching and research programs.  The farm consists of over 500 acres of forest, pasture and crop land. Livestock wastes from the facility are recycled through the farm’s composting facility. In addition, the Small Animal Facility on campus houses a variety of laboratory animals.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences programs are geared towards a hands-on approach. These facilities provide students with a multitude of animal experiences necessary for jobs in the livestock, veterinary and medical research fields. Campus lectures are reinforced by labs held at the Witter Center where students can actually touch and feel the animal whose physiology and nutrition they have been studying.