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NAS Minor - Description

Old man

Old Man of The Mountain

Native American Studies, is an interdisciplinary academic program offered as a minor and open to all students. The goal of the program is to teach students through Native perspectives, to understand Native people, their traditions, and their right to self-determination.

The program is designed around the belief that such explorations are the cornerstone of Native American Studies as an academic discipline, giving voice and credibility to the Native world views and life experiences. The program offers a curriculum that focuses on understanding how differing value systems function and developing an appreciation for Native American culture and history, including the critical issues of sovereignty and treaty rights. The presence of the Wabanaki Tribes within the State of Maine provides a tie to the history, language, and vital culture unique to this State and is a major focus of the program.

The Native American Studies Program maintains high educational standards as demonstrated by the traditional pedagogy of Native communities, as well as Western-based academic principles. It focuses on the connection between the University of Maine and Maine’s Native communities to ensure accuracy, authenticity and credibility in course offerings.

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