Sample Graduate Course Offerings

WGS 501: Graduate Topics in Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies
A graduate level, interdisciplinary study of topics such as “Men and Masculinities in Society” and “Gender & History of Psychiatry.” (This number can also be used for a graduate version of an undergraduate course. The professor works with the graduate student to design a graduate level educational experience.) Cr.3. *WGS 501 has multiple listings that are subject to change

WGS 510: Advanced Studies in Feminist and Queer Theory
An advanced introduction to major issues in contemporary feminist & Queer theory. The first few weeks will be an overview of major schools of feminist theory, with a particular emphasis on more recent work influenced by poststructuralist theory. After this, students will pursue their own disciplinary interests and research projects as part of an in-depth study of a common issue chosen by the class as a whole. Some readings will be common to all, some tied to each disciplinary project. Cr. 3.

WGS 520: Research Methodologies in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
An interdisciplinary course that focuses on the visions and methods that feminist scholars use to study women’s, gender, and sexuality. Introduces students to pioneering critiques of various methodologies as well as recent developments in the field. Cr. 3.

WGS 580: Feminist Pedagogy and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Practicum
This course provides a history of WGS as an interdiscipline, a survey of feminist teaching strategies, and the philosophies of education on which those strategies are based. A practicum applying the course material in a WGS class, in a departmental course, or possibly in a K-12 school or other workplace will be included. (Permission required.) Cr. 3.

WGS 698: Individual Projects in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
An opportunity for internships or action projects as well as independent study. Primarily for those not writing theses or dissertations.  Cr. 1-3.

A Selection of Undergraduate courses which can be taken for graduate credit:

      • WGS 401: Advanced Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
      • WGS 410: Feminist, Gender and Queer Theory
      • WGS 480: Senior Seminar in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
      • CHF 451: Family Relationships
      • CHF 452: Violence in the Family
      • ENG 471: Literature, Gender, and Gender Theory
      • HTY 494: Women, History, and American Society: Selected Topics