Kevin Roberge

Kevin is interested in the intersections between critical theory, data analysis, and pedagogy.  He teaches WGS 205: An Introduction to Feminist and critical data analysis.  He is a member of the president’s DEI council, the advisor to Wilde Stein, and a member of a local school board.  Kevin lives in Orono with his wife and children.  His office is located in Alumni 100A


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-Buchanan, R., Chien, M., Herakova, L., Pelletreau, K., Roberge, K., (2023) Syllabus Unfinishing(s)/Unfinished Syllabus-ing as Multi-sited Feminist Mentoring. Pauly, J., Hernández, L. H., Munz, S., (Ed.). Feminist Mentoring in Academia: Lexington Books (Forthcoming 2023)

-Buchanan, R., Mills, T., Roberge, K., Ungrading: A collaborative self-study into the intersection of vulnerability and assessment practices. International Conference on Self-study of Teacher Education Practices. Self-study of teacher education practices special interest group. (Forthcoming 2023