Maryann Hartman

Dr. Maryann Hartman

After receiving a Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University in 1969, Maryann Hartman joined the University of Maine faculty as an assistant professor and director of forensics. A pioneer in the field of oral interpretation, Hartman studied communicative arts from historical, rhetorical, and aesthetic perspectives. Her research includes comparisons of language patterns of Maine women and men born before 1900; oral autobiographies of Maine women born before 1900; and the use of oral interpretation to influence public policy. Teacher, scholar, advocate, friend, mother, a woman of courage and vitality, Maryann Hartman died of cancer in 1980 at the age of 53.

Named for the late Professor Maryann Hartman, the Maryann Hartman Award honors the spirit, achievement, and zest for life that Hartman epitomized. They recognize distinguished Maine women and their accomplishments in the arts, politics, business, education and community service. The work of the women selected provides inspiration to others and demonstrates the levels of attainment now possible for women. Presented annually, the awards increase campus and community awareness of contemporary women’s accomplishments.