Maryann Hartman Award Nominations and Ceremony

The 2020 Maryann Hartman Awards Celebration is will take place on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 5:00 PM via Zoom. Register here  or by calling 207.581.1146.

Nominee Criteria

This award is given annually to three distinguished Maine women who demonstrate the levels of attainment now possible to women. Our committee looks for women with a significant relationship to Maine, but does not limit nominees only to native Maine women. We look for the diversity in interests, service, geographic location, and culture that best represents Maine. Strong leadership and role modeling in the nominee’s work are also important. Our committee would like candidates who will reflect and honor Maryann’s commitment to women, her values, and her community. Anyone who self-identifies as a woman of any age is eligible. No current UMaine employees can be recipients. Only those able to attend the ceremony can be eligible to win.

Nomination Process

Please make sure to check our listing of prior Maryann Hartman Award winners before nominating someone. A complete list of past recipients can be found here.

Our committee has tried to make this nomination process as simple as it can possibly be, but we acknowledge that not everything is perfect! Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions. The basic items that you must pay particular attention to are the following:

  1. Deadline
    • The 2022 deadling will be posted when nominations open.
  2. Nomination form
    • Email us or call 207.581.3439 for more information.
  3. Supporting Materials
    • We do not need information on the nominee in exact resume or curriculum vita form. We do ask, however, that you give the committee something that explains what the nominee has done throughout her life and career. This may be a summary of her education, work, and any awards she may have received.
    • More formal materials are also recommended (although not required). These might include newspaper articles or recommendations and letters of support from others who know the candidate, such as colleagues or friends.
    • We want whatever information you have that you feel celebrates the candidate – everything we have will be considered during the selection process!

Award Selection and Ceremony

Our selection timeline for the 2022 Maryann Hartman Awards is to begin review of the nominations after the deadline November 2021. We will then select the award winners and notify them by January 2022. If your nominee is accepted, we will notify you at this time. If she is not, her nomination will automatically be carried over for one additional year. We want to thank all who went through the time and trouble of making a nomination. While we will acknowledge receipt of all nominations in a letter, we regret that we cannot thank everyone for their submissions once we have made our choice of recipients.