The WGS 411 Internship

WGS 411: Internship in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies(Previously WGS 395)

Approved work experience for departmental majors in the application of WGS-related topics to practical, theoretical or research problems in any public service agency, business, or other setting approved by the program.  Requirements include an initial written application showing the projected experience and its relevance to WGS, periodic logs or summaries, plus a final written report. Prerequisites: Permission; Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring and Summer; Credits: 1-6 (20 hours = 1 CR)

Internship Overview

Volunteer minimum 30 hours

  1. Select and contact an organization (listed next few pages)
  2. Complete tasks as outlined by supervisor
  3. Keep track of hours and activities on forms provided by WGS
  4. Fill out application and sign contract
  5. Some organizations may ask for additional requirements

Journal and Reflective Essay

  1. Record your experiences in a journal, including what you did for work and what you learned.
  2. Compile your record of experiences into a 3-5 page reflective essay.
  3. Both the journal and the essay must be turned in as separate assignments.

Relevant Texts Exercise

  1. Compile a list of 12-15 pieces (readings, videos, lectures, music, etc) that primarily relate to the larger theme that connects to your internship
  2. For each piece write an annotated paragraph that demonstrates the academic and personal relevance of the piece
  3. In addition, include 3-4 texts that you would like to read, watch, or listen to in the future

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