Hannah Ruhlin

Hannah earned their BA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a double minor in Sociology and Creative Writing in 2015. While earning their degree, Hannah focused particularly on the topics of gender theory, queer theory, sexual health, and domestic violence. Today, they work as the LGBTQ+ Community Organizer with Health Equity Alliance, a role where they wear many hats. They provide HIV testing, train professionals in LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency, help organize Bangor Pride, supervise an LGBTQ+ youth support group, and teach inclusive sex education.
How did the WGS program inform what you do? When I was getting my degree, I had many people tell me that it was a waste of time and money, as there was no job out there that I could get by having what is essentially a degree in queer intersectional feminism. Everything that I am doing professionally is possible because of my WGS degree. The intersectional feminist approach of the professors that I had in the program taught me to look critically not only at my own experiences, but to consider the experiences of others with radically different backgrounds than my own. Not only did I gain knowledge in this program, but the drive to constantly seek more knowledge, especially as language and terminology around the LGBTQ+ community shifts and grows.