Coghlan, Jr., Stephen M.

Associate Professor of Freshwater Fisheries EcologySteve Coghlan
5755 Nutting Hall, Room 234
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5775

Dr. Coghlan joined the faculty of the Wildlife Ecology Department in September 2006, with a background in freshwater fish ecology and an interest in conservation and management of native fishes and their supporting ecosystems. Recent and past research projects include energetic ecology of stream-dwelling Atlantic salmon, brook trout, and smallmouth bass; effects of dam removal on fish community structure and function in the Penobscot River watershed; anadromous sea lamprey as ecosystem engineers; fish-forest relations in headwater streams; commercial harvest impacts on white sucker populations; and eMergy synthesis of hatchery and wild trout production.  Currently, he is developing a new research program focusing on adaptation and resilience of homesteaders to impending economic and ecological shocks as the human population, and its macroeconomic growth imperative collides with the biophysical limits of a finite planet.  Specifically, he is evaluating energetic and economic profitability of “living off the land” activities like sustenance fishing and hunting, firewood harvesting, and maple sugaring, as well as uncovering financial and fossil fuel subsidies that underwrite them

Dr. Coghlan teaches courses in Freshwater Fisheries Ecology and Management; Ecological Statistics; General Ecology; and Biophysical Economics.  He is also Maine Chapter President for the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE). In his free time, he likes to fish, hunt, tie flies, garden, play guitar, and enjoy the company of his wife and four dogs on their homestead on the banks of the Penobscot River in beautiful Argyle Township.

Position Available: Graduate Student Research Assistant in Fisheries Ecology / Biophysical Economics (PhD preferred, exceptional student considered for MS), starting May/June 2021

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