MESAT1 (Maine’s 1st Small Satellite)

Welcome to MESAT1 page, Maine’s 1st Small Satellite

MESAT1 is scheduled to be launched to space onboard Fireflyblack rocket in 2022 and carries three payloads designed by  students in Falmouth High school, Fryeburg Academy, and Saco Middle School.  UMaine and USM engineering teams are collaborating on building the satellite and getting it ready for launch in collaboration with AMSAT and NERRS. The CubeSat is launch is funded by NASA CSLI program and its design and development is sponsored by NASA, MSGC, and UMaine.

Student Team

  • Joseph Patton, Ph.D Student, Project Manager/Power System
  • Travis Russell, M.Sc Student, Radio Engineer
  • Steele Muchmore-Allen, 4+1 Graduate Student, Flight Engineer