Lab Photo March 2014


Robert T. Wheeler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology

Ph.D. (2000) Stanford University, Developmental Biology
Advisor: Lucy Shapiro, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Training: Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research
Sponsor: Gerald R. Fink, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Remi L. Gratacap, PhD (U. Stirling)

Remi Gratacap

Remi is originally from France. He graduated from the University of Stirling in Scotland with a PhD in Aquatic Veterinary Sciences. For the past six years he has been studying the interactions of Candida albicans and the innate immune system using the zebrafish model.

Graduate students

Allison Scherer (PhD candidate in Microbiology)

Allison studies the role of the innate immune response on the dissemination of C. albicans in a zebrafish model of infection. 

Allison Scherer


Brittany Seman (PhD candidate in Microbiology)

Brittany Seman


Linda Archambault (PhD candidate in Biochemistry)

Linda Archambault


Audrey Bergeron (MS candidate in Biochemistry)

Audrey is studying fungal-bacterial interactions and innate immune responses in vivo in the context of a mixed infection. She uses the zebrafish swimbladder as a mucosal infection model.

Audrey Bergeron

Rotation Students

Could be YOU!

Undergraduate students:

Phasathon (Thon) Itthipalakorn; University of Maine, 2017 (Capstone student, Radke Fellow)

Christian Zwirner; University of Maine, 2018 (CUGR Fellow)

Linley Wakeland; University of Maine, 2018 (Radke Fellow 2015-2016, 2016-2017)

Drew Brooks; University of Maine, 2019 (Radke Fellow 2016-2017)

Former Lab Members

Alex Hopke (PhD, 2016) Currently post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Daniel Irimia, MGH, Harvard Medical School

Kimberly Brothers (PhD, 2012)  Currently post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Rob Shenks, University of Pittsburgh

Zachary Newman (MS, 2014) Currently employed at Nephron Pharmaceuticals, South Carolina

Alexandra Albert (UMaine, 2009)  Currently MD-PhD student at Yale University

Ankita Chowdhury (UMaine, 2010) PhD, Emory University (2015)  Currently @ ICON plc, New York

Erica Hidu (UMaine, 2013)  Currently MD student at Tufts University

Erin Carter (UMaine, 2013)  Currently PhD student in UMaine GSBSE Program (Henry Laboratory)

Joshua Jones (UMaine, 2014)  Currently PhD student at MIT (Microbiology Program)

Ashley Norum (UMaine, 2013) OD, Pacific University College of Optometry (2016)

Riju Shrestha (UMaine, 2015) Currently Technician at Rutgers University

Kirsty Moriarty (UMaine, 2015) Currently at Tufts Medical

Sony Manandhar (UMaine, 2016) Currently Scientist at Instrumentation Laboratory

Monique Theriault (UMaine, 2016) Currently PhD student at Cornell University

Dominika Tirzilova (UMaine, 2016) Currently PhD student at University of North Carolina