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Course Related Concerns

Change of College, Major, or Address

If a student wishes to change their present course of study (major), college, and/or address, they must complete the necessary forms in order to satisfy VA requirements. These forms are available in the VETS Office, office staff can assist with any questions or concerns. Contact this office as soon as possible.

If your phone number or address changes, please call the VA Regional Office, Buffalo, NY @ 1-888-442-4551 to make the necessary changes.


Change in Course Load or Semester Credit Hours

Veterans receive a monthly allowance based on their student status. In order to receive maximum benefits, a student must be considered at full-time status which requires a minimum of twelve credit hours per semester. Graduate students need only six credit hours for full-time status. Full or part-time status varies for summer session. Should a student drop a course or otherwise reduce their credit hours, they must inform the V.E.T. S.  and the Office of Student Financial Aid IMMEDIATELY and complete the necessary forms in order to avoid an over – payment of benefits which will have to be paid back to the Veterans Administration.


Withdrawal from Classes or Non-Attendance

Students must be aware that withdrawing from classes (“W” grade) or non-attendance of classes (“L” grade) can result in denial of VA Educational Benefits for that semester. While payment of benefits is authorized for courses in which a failing grade or ” F ” is received, no payment will be made for courses in which the student voluntarily stops attending unless a “W F ,” withdrawal failing grade, is received. No benefits will be paid for withdrawal passing or audited courses. Students who wish to drop a course should complete the necessary forms for add/drop, available at their academic department or through MaineStreet  and also notify the  V.E.T.S. Office and the Office of Student Financial Aid.

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