Justin Brown

Justin is an alum of The University of Maine, graduating in 2020 with a BS in physics and a MSc in Information Systems in 2023. Justin is now the Laboratory Research Manager for the VEMI Lab. He enjoys the sense of community that is shared throughout the lab and continues to promote this inclusive and collaborative environment. He also appreciates the varied skill set that everyone in the lab possesses and how willing people are to share their knowledge and create valuable learning opportunities. Justin’s overflowing charisma and willingness to lend a hand on undergraduate research and develop projects make him a fantastic lab member. He has been enlisted to give tours of the lab and recruit participants for future research… mostly because he likes talking to strangers! Outside of the lab, Justin is enthusiastic about rollerblading, ice skating, and being out in the wild, especially in the water with activities like paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, and sailing.