VEMI Lab PhD Candidates Awarded UMaine Graduate Student Government Grants

The VEMI Lab is pleased to announce that two of its doctoral candidates, Christopher Bennett and Hengshan Li, were recently awarded grants from the University of Maine’s Graduate Student Government. This funding will be used to support their respective ongoing research. Chris’s research is centered around the lab’s driving simulator, and the money that he receives will be going toward the purchase of equipment to increase the realism of the simulator; while some of its current components have come from actual vehicles, the pedals and steering wheel are intended for gaming, and it will tremendously improve the authenticity of research participants’ experiences to replace those with more realistic equipment.

Hengshan’s research deals with how people navigate indoor environments and how the related learning processes can be improved through augmentated reality. He received funding to purchase some augmented reality glasses from Sony, which he will utilize in the next phase of his research, investigating the potential impact of augmentation on spatial learning of complex buildings.

Congratulations to them both!