Tertiary Menu

The Tertiary Menu is a menu that can be added below a site’s primary navigation. This navigation can be used in lieu of dropdown menus or used for creating creating “jump links”. Administrators may also use this feature on every page

Because this feature has some adverse effects when network activated and requires some guidance on usage, this feature is only activated by request. A request for activation is made by emailing um.weboffice@maine.edu.

Example of the tertiary navigation activated

Creating a Tertiary Navigation

Once this feature has been activated, a menu must be created.

Example of a created menu

After a menu has been created, check the tertiary navigation and save menu.

Example of the menu tertiary navigation being selected

You should now be able to see the tertiary navigation on your website.

Displaying the tertiary navigation only on specific pages or post

The tertiary navigation offers the feature of displaying navigation on all pages/post or only within specific ones. This may be used to help users to navigate towards further information relevant to the current page, or used a call to action, or to create jump links for a specific page.

To display a menu only on specific pages, within the dashboard – navigate to  appearance then menus.

Menus located under appearance under dashboard

when the menu editor is displayed, click “manage locations” located just above the menu drop down selection near the left side of the screen.

Manage Locations located above the menu drop down


Once in the manage locations editor, you will see drop down boxes for the tertiary navigation; make sure the top drop down is empty or displays select a menu.

manage locations editor, top drop down is empty

After removing a menu from the first drop down, select the menu you would like to use in the second one and click conditions on the right.

menu selected

A pop up will be displayed. For the purpose of adding a menu to the page we will click pages, but the same method can be use the same method for displaying on a post by clicking post.

Click the page you would like the menu to be displayed on and hit save

The tab pages is selected and the check box for the page content blocks is checked

This menu will now display only on the pages or post chosen.