Tables may be created in any rich text area using the table tool in the editor toolbar.

Should you use a table?

Before you add a table, it is important to review whether a table is the most appropriate solution for your content.

  • DO NOT use tables to control the layout of text and images on a page. Doing this will cause problems for mobile viewers of your site, because the tables will not re-flow content for smaller screens. Use content blocks instead.
  • AVOID using tables with merged cells (table cells that span across multiple rows or columns). This causes problems for users that rely on screen reading technology.
  • USE TABLES when you have sets of data that benefit from a spreadsheet-like display
  • ALWAYS add header rows and cells to the table, this is good practice for content and aids accessibility as well as search optimization for your page.

A brief example of a table:

Example header Column header Column header
Row 1 Value Value
Row 2 Value Value

To get started with a table, choose “Insert table” from the table drop-down in the editor toolbar. You may then choose a table up to 10 x 10 (ten rows, ten columns) using the select tool.