Haunted Maine

Aroostook County

  • Haunted Haynesville Woods Rte 2A, Haynesville, ME 04497
    • Visit the haunted Route 2A!
  • Linneus Haunted Hayride Linneus, ME 04730
    • Be prepared to be spooked! This popular event takes place annually in October at the Linneus Fire Department!
  • Route 2A Wytopitlock, ME 04497
    • Route 2A is known for being a haunted, dangerous road. The Maine country singer Dick Curless even wrote a song about the haunted road called “A Tombstone Every Mile.” Supposedly, many truck drivers have died while bringing potatoes to Boston on a dangerous turn. There have also been rumors of a woman screaming that a husband is trapped in a vehicle but when travelers stop, the woman vanishes. Others have supposedly seen a little girl on the side of the road who was hit by a semi-truck long ago.

Western Maine Lakes and Mountains

  • Crypt at the Inn at the Agora 1 Walnut Street, Lewiston, ME 04240
    • “Here’s one for the bucket list, although for some it might be too close to the bucket for comfort.” The Inn at the Agora features a new crypt room where a Catholic priest rested for a hundred years until 2009 when his body was moved to a nearby cemetery. The crypt room includes a selection of 60 classic horror movies, a living area, and a custom-built pine coffin that fits two.
  • WICKED 15 Recreation Dr, Mexico, ME 04257 | (207) 364-4912
    • WICKED is one of Maine’s best and scariest haunted houses. Don’t miss WICKED for a night of Halloween fright!

Other Locations

  • Swan Island Kennebec River, Richmond ME
    • Maine is full of spooky destinations, and here’s one of them! Located in the Kennebec River, Swan Island is the home of one of Maine’s only ghost towns. You can take a day trip over on the ferry or a canoe to explore the island or spend the night in a tent or one of the ten lean-tos set up around the island. Don’t forget to explore the island’s cemetery!

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