Blue Hill Activities


  • Blue Hill Fairgrounds 233 Ellsworth Rd, Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-3701
    • The Blue Hill Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the summer in Maine! Come visit to have the classic county fair experience, complete with all kinds of food carts and rides, as well as a vibrant agricultural scene.


  • Blue Hill Mountain Hayes & Service Trail Mountain Rd, Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-5118
    • A trail that falls on the difficult side of moderate, the Hayes Trail takes you up Blue Hill Mountain like the Osgood Trail. It involves stone steps and passes through older growth trees of different kinds.
  • Blue Hill Mountain Osgood Trail Mountain Rd, Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-5118
    • A well-maintained trail, be sure to be prepared if you are planning to take this hike. It is on the difficult side, with some rocky areas. But if you make it to the top of Blue Hill, the view will be well worth the trip!
  • Post Office Trail Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-5118
    • A short, one-mile trail that takes you through different environments. It connects to the Osgood Trail.
  • Peters Brook Walking Trail Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-5118
    • The greater trail system that Peters Brook Walking Trail is a part of is a beautiful 5-mile system that has many features that includes the granite that is characteristic to the region.
  • South Street – Parker Point Trail Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-5118
    • Pass through an undeveloped area between two sections of Blue Hill, over gentle slopes and across streams!


  • Jonathon Fisher House 44 Mines Rd, Blue Hill, ME 04614 | (207) 374-2459
    •  A Federal-style house from the late 18th century, the Jonathon Fisher House gives the visitor an opportunity to see what life was like in the frontier in Maine. At the time, Blue Hill was considered to be in the northern part of Massachusetts. Jonathon Fisher was a watercolor artist and was also an engraver.


  • Horton Emerson Park Water St, Blue Hill, ME 04614
    • Featuring a sculpture by Japanese artist Nitoshi Tanaka, this “pocket park” was designed to add more green space to the center of Blue Hill.

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