Deer Isle

Deer Isle

Welcome to Deer Isle!

If you’re taking a road trip to the DownEast, Maine region, Deer Isle would make an excellent addition to your plans! It is located in the Acadia region (Hancock County) and is sort of like a well-hidden Bar Harbor, so you can get the beauty of the Maine coast without as many crowds. While it’s not usually considered part of “DownEast” Maine, there are some wonderful things worth visiting, so we are including it in the website.

Deer Isle is an island reachable by bridge. It is made up of a small cluster of communities with almost 3,000 residents in the year-round population. Lobstering is a big part of their economy, along with a variety of other things. Granite is quarried, and there are artists’ galleries and studios all around the island. There are also motels, inns, campgrounds, restaurants, antique and gift shops, and more. The island itself has two towns: Deer Isle, which is also the island’s name, and Stonington.

“Deer Isle is a paradise for photographers, birders, boaters and kayakers, artists, naturalists, and anyone who loves the outdoors.” (Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce)

Don’t forget to visit “Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies“! In addition to wonderful Maine-made products, the artist has created an entire fantasy-land village with a saloon, general store and much more…. so much fun! It should be noted that this is closed from October-May.

For more information, visit the official Deer Isle website!

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