Aroostook County

  • Birch Point Restaurant  33 Birch Point Ln, Island Falls, ME 04747 | (207) 463-2515
    • Located at Birch Point Campground! Serving an alternating variety of delicious food, including pizza, burgers, soups, seafood, dessert, and much more!
  • Eagle Lake Sporting Camps 23 Furlong Rd, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739 | (207) 444-5108
    • The camp’s historic Roosevelt Dining Room offers traditional lakeside fare seasonally!
  • Misty Meadows Organic Farms 1164 Main St, Grand Isle, ME 04746 | (207) 316-6959
    • This farm has fresh organic vegetables, Maine-made crafts, souvenirs, and a restaurant.
  • Rideout’s Lakeside Lodge 6 Waterfront Dr, Weston, ME 04424 | (207) 448-2440
    • Offering cabin rentals on East Grand Lake (perfect for fishermen)! Also serving dinner to guests not staying at the lodge by reservation during the summer! Seasonal!
  • Spaulding Lake Outfitters Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 561-6499
    • Lodge and outfitter located just south of Oxbow, offering cozy accommodations, home-cooked meals, and guided hunting, fishing, and canoeing/camping trips. They are also a popular snowmobiling destination in the winter!
  • Trackdown Lodge & Cabins 891 Aroostook Rd, Wallagrass, ME 04781 | (207) 834-3612
    • This lodge’s in-house restaurant and lounge offer delicious home-cooked meals and drinks all day long!
  • Umcolcus Sporting Camps 1243A, Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 841-0508
    • Great lodge with a long history offering cabin rentals, home-cooked meals, and packages for hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, snowmobiling, and more. They have hosted some celebrities over the years, including world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey!
  • Wadleigh Mountain Camps 1256 Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 435-3035
    • Comfy, cozy lodge located outside of Oxbow, specializing in hunting opportunities and offering home-cooked meals onsite!

DownEast Maine

  • Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen Rabbit Hill Farm, 148 Barbour Farm Rd, Stonington, ME 04681
    • Certified organic farm, specialty food producer and cider company. They also have farm tours, rabbit feeding, workshops, chowder lunches, and farm to table suppers.
  • Crocker House County Inn Restaurant 967 Point Rd, Hancock, ME 04640 | (207) 422-6806 
    • Open to the public for dinner with meals including fresh vegetables!
  • The Lookout 455 Flye Point Rd, Brooklin, ME 04616 | (207) 359-2188
    • A local inn owned by the same family for over 120 years!

Western Maine

  • Apple Acres Farm 363 Durgintown Rd, Hiram, ME 04041 | (207) 625-4777
    • Along with its orchard and store, Apple Acres Farm also has a dining room with delicious, home-cooked food. Their wood-fired pizza is especially popular!
  • Bosebuck Mountain Camps 2013 Parmachenee Rd, Errol, ME 03579 | (207) 670-0013
    • Three home-cooked meals a day are available for guests, as well as others with advanced reservations.
  • Gone Loco! Cafe 855 S Rumford Rd, Rumford, ME 04276 | (207) 507-1510
    • Gone Loco! Cafe serves a great menu, focusing on Mexican dishes using healthy, local ingredients, and also offers a variety of other, American-style fare.

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