Maine is a snow and winter-lovers paradise! If you love snowmobiling, Maine is a great place to visit! Be sure to check out the Snowmobile Trail Conditions before you head out!

Aroostook County

  • Aroostook River Snowmobile Club 360 Richardson Rd, Castle Hill, ME 04757
    • This local snowmobile club maintains a network of trails connecting Castle Hill with the nearby towns of Ashland, Washburn, Presque Isle, Mapleton, and Chapman!
  • Bangor & Aroostook Trail Van Buren, Mapleton, and Caribou, ME 04736
    • 61-mile multi-use trail that is part of northern Maine’s Interconnected Trail System. It is used and maintained by various snowmobile clubs.
  • Benedicta Snow Gang 28 Lawler Rd Benedicta, ME 04733 | (207) 365-7276
    • Local snowmobile club that maintains Benedicta’s portion of the statewide trail network!
  • Chapman Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club 94 Town Hall Rd, Chapman, ME 04757
    • A highly active local snowmobile club that maintains trails connecting Chapman to nearby towns and the statewide trail network!
  • Eagle Lake Winter Riders Eagle Lake, ME 04739
    • “We are maintaining the trails to the north and south of Eagle Lake—north from Eagle Lake to Carter Brook (ITS 85N), south from Eagle Lake to Portage Lake (ITS 85S), and west from Eagle Lake to Pushineer Pond (120, formerly 85D). We maintain over 75 miles of trails, and the work starts long before the snow flies.”
  • Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club 12 Strickland Rd, Fort Fairfield, ME 04742 | (207) 227-5455
    • Member of the Maine Snowmobile Association maintaining sections of the trail. They also host fundraisers, including breakfasts, poker runs, dances, and more.
  • Fort Kent Sno Riders PO Box 131, Fort Kent, ME 04743
    • Maintains the trails in the greater Fort Kent area. Volunteers drive a groomer around, cut brush on trails, make traffic signs, and handle grant funding. Trails in the area are for recreational use and take from an hour to all day to complete.
  • Linneus Sno-Sports 45 Mill Rd, Linneus, ME 04730 | (207) 200-4822
    •  Local club that maintains Linneus’ snowmobile trails and a 6-mile Nordic ski trail network. Their clubhouse is open on winter weekends for lunch!
  • Maine Blackwater Outfitters 1670 Masardis Rd, Masardis, ME 04732 | (207) 540-4101
    • Lodge and guide service offering hunting and snowmobiling trips along with rentals of their gorgeous log cabins.
  • Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowsled Club Wiley Rd, Littleton, ME 04730 |(207) 538-9042
    • Littleton’s premier snowmobile club, working hard to maintain local trails connecting Littleton with Maine’s extensive statewide snowmobiling trail network.
  • Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club 874 Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764
    • Local snowmobile club that maintains a long stretch of trails connecting to the statewide trail network. Get in touch with them for trail maps and info about services and accommodations in the area!
  • Portage Lakers Snowmobile Club PO Box 149, Portage, ME 04768
    • Local club that maintains and provides information about the portion of Maine’s snowmobile trail network passing through Portage Lake.
  • St. Francis Sno-Angels Snowmobile Club 1273 Main St, St. Francis, ME 04774 | (207) 398-4203
    • Local snowmobile club that maintains St. Francis trails connecting to the statewide trail network. They also run a clubhouse with food available in season!
  • Umcolcus Sporting Camps 1243A, Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 841-0508
    • Great lodge with a long history offering cabin rentals, home-cooked meals, and packages for hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, snowmobiling, and more. They have hosted some celebrities, including world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey!
  • Washburn Trailrunners Snowmobile 48 Station Rd, Washburn, ME 04786 | (207) 455-8439
    • This snowmobile club maintains a large area of trails and even has a seasonal kitchen open at their clubhouse!

DownEast Maine

  • Amherst Mountains Community Forest Rte 9, Amherst, ME 04605 | (207) 941-4412
    • If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, look no further! You can find recreation trails, wildlife, remote camping, and more!
  • Down East Sunrise Trail 2 Kilton Ln, Machias, ME 04654 (and various locations between Ellsworth and Pembroke)
    • The scenic rail corridor runs along the entire Downeast coastal area, connects multiple scenic conservation areas, intersects Downeast salmon rivers, and is near two state scenic byways.
  • Duck Lake Public Reserved Land Lakeville Twp, ME 04487 | (207) 941-4412
    • Visitors enjoy camping and fishing in this semi-remote area surrounded by lakes. Duck Lake, the Unknown Lakes, and Gassabias Lake offer fishing, boating, swimming, camping, and snowmobiling.

Western Maine

  • Andover Snow Valley Sno-goers Snowmobile Club (207) 392-3481
    • This local snowmobiling club builds and maintains Andover’s trails, which connect to the extensive statewide trail network.
  • Andy Valley Riders (207) 754-3478
    • This local snowmobile club works hard to build and maintain Jay’s trail network, connecting to neighboring towns and beyond. Convenient parking for snowmobilers is available at the Jay Plaza on Route 4.
  • Backcountry Expeditions Snowmobile Rentals & Tours 1008 US Rte 201, Caratunk, Maine | (855) 528-3441
    • With 14,000 miles of trails, you’ll need some extra equipment, and Backcountry Expeditions has got you covered.
  • Bigelow Preserve Public Reserved Land Farmington, ME 04938 | (207) 778-8231
    • About 40 miles out of Farmington, this reservation has the most beautiful views around by canoe.
  • Bouncing Bogies Snowmobile Club Hebron, ME 04238 | (207) 966-2733
    • This local snowmobile club works hard to maintain Hebron’s trails, keeping the town connected with its neighbors and Maine’s statewide trail network.
  • Burnt Meadow Snowmobile Club PO Box 412, Brownfield, ME 04010
    Aroostook Snowmobiles
    Paul CyrMaine Snowmobiling
    • Local snowmobile club that builds and maintains Brownfield’s trails, connecting with Maine’s extensive statewide trail network.
  • Denmark Draggers Snowmobile Club 62 E. Main St Denmark, ME 04022
    • This local snowmobile club maintains Denmark’s snowmobiling trail network, connecting to Maine’s extensive statewide trail system. Get in touch with them for info about the trails and in-season events!
  • Dixfield (Poodunck) Snowmobile Club Dixfield, ME 04224

    • This local snowmobile club maintains Dixfields’ trail network, connecting to neighboring towns and Maine’s statewide trail network.
  • Four Ponds Public Reserve Land ME-17 in Township D or Rte 4 in Sandy River, ME
    • This 6,000-acre expanse of public land has a lot to offer! The Appalachian Trail winds through the property, passing the beautiful Sabbath Day Pond and its lean-to, as well as the Little Swift River Pond and its primitive campsite. This is a great destination for hiking a section of the Trail, swimming, and snowmobiling in the wintertime.
  • Greater Lovell Land Trust Trails Lovell, ME, 04051 | (207) 925-1056
    • The Greater Lovell Land Trust maintains public hiking trail networks across the town, offering a wide variety of trail lengths, difficulty levels, and scenery, from lakeside to mountaintop!
  • Magalloway River Farm 285 Wilsons Mills Rd, Wilsons Mills, ME 03579 | (207) 670-8583
    • This family-friendly lodge, located alongside the Magalloway River, offers guided fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and river trips.
  • Mt. Blue State Park Weld, ME 04285 | (207) 585-2347
    • Open year-round, Mt. Blue State Park is a beautiful attraction, including all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, trail riding, biking, swimming, and picnicking.
  • New Vineyard North Snowmobile Club
    • This local snowmobile club works hard to build and maintain New Vineyard’s snowmobiling trail network, connecting neighboring towns and Maine’s extensive statewide trail system. Check out their site for more information about local trails!
  • Northeast Snowmobile 532 Main St, Fryeburg, ME 04037 | (800) 458-1838
    • This great local shop has the latest models of snowmobiles, ATVs, and other vehicles for outdoor play. They are very popular for their snowmobile rentals program, offering access to expansive Western Maine and White Mountains trail networks!
  • Otisfield Trail Blazers
    • Otisfield’s snowmobile club works hard to maintain the town’s extensive snowmobile trail network, connecting neighboring towns and the state trail system.
  • Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club (207) 357-8851
    • This local club has worked hard to build and maintain nearly 90 miles of trails in Rumford and surrounding towns, connecting to Maine’s extensive statewide trail system.
  • Stoneham Knight Riders Snowmobile Club Stoneham, ME 04231
    • This local snowmobile club works to maintain and expand Stoneham’s snowmobile trails, which connect to Maine’s extensive statewide trail network.
  • Streaked Mountaineers Snowmobile Club Buckfield, ME 04220
    • Local snowmobile club that works hard to build and maintain Buckfield’s trail network and connect to trails in neighboring towns.

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