Trek through the magnificent Maine woods and fields to bag some game! Hunt moose (permit only), white-tailed deer, black bear, wild turkey, and more! Get out your camo, and put on some orange! For the full hunting experience, consider staying at a Maine sporting camp or lodge!


Important Things to Note:

Take advantage of Maine’s Guide Services, discussed below!

  • Jack Mountain Bushcraft School 1058 Garfield Rd, Masardis, ME 04732 | (207) 518-8804
    • Amazing wilderness education school offering high-quality wilderness guide and instructor training courses in the North Maine Woods!

Aroostook County

Home to Wildlife Management District’s 1, 2, 3, 6, and parts of 11 and 5, Aroostook County is a Hunter’s Paradise!

  • Allagash Guide Inc. 292 River Rd, Norridgewock, Maine 04957 | (207) 634-3748
    • Outfitter offering guided canoe trips on the Allagash, St. John, and other Northern Maine rivers, as well as guided hunting and fishing!
  • Allagash Guide Service 928 Allagash Rd, Allagash, ME 04774 | (207) 398-3418
    • Locally owned & operated outfitter offering cabin & lodge accommodations as well as guided canoe and hunting trips.
  • Allagash Wilderness Camps 1477 Main St, St. Francis, ME 04774 | (207) 398-4456
    • This guide and outfitter provides guaranteed moose hunts, bear hunts, and more from its beautiful log cabin lodging in St. Francis. The trail is popular with hikers and bikers and is also open to ATVs and snowmobiles.
  • Aroostook Sportsman Association 360 Parsons Rd, (PO Box 375) Presque Isle, ME. 04769
    • “Mission: Promoting wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management practices. Preserving our hunting heritage through educating future sportsmen and sportswomen about the importance of wildlife and their habitats. Dedicated to furthering the local interest in hunting, fishing, field sports and more.” The website shows events, sportsmen training and youth adventure camps.
  • Bennett’s Guide Service 316 Old Main St, Eagle Lake, ME 04739 | (207) 551-6558
    • “Where your hunting and fishing adventure begins.”
  • Birch Hills Camp Route 171, 519 Main St, Wytopitlock, ME 04497 | (207) 557-9321
    • Providing guided hunts, canoe trips, camp rentals, and much more!
  • Black River Guide Service 750 Allagash Rd, Allagash, ME 04774 | (207) 398-4103
    • Local guide service offering guided hunts, fishing trips, canoe trips, snowmobiling trips, and a cozy year-round camp.
  • Chandler Lake Camps and Lodge Craigville Rd, Northwest Aroostook, ME 04732 | (207) 731-8938
    • Historic lodge with beautiful log cabins on Chandler Lake offering hunting, fly fishing, and fly-in services.
  • Crooked Tree Lodge & Camps 1 Crooked Tree, Portage, Maine, 04768 | (802) 291-0597
    • Hunting & outdoor recreation lodge offering guided hunts, home-cooked meals, and comfortable accommodations!
  • Dean’s Den Paisley Ln, New Canada, ME 04743 | (207) 227-7620
    • Outfitter specializing in moose and bear hunts, along with year-round accommodations and guided snowmobile trips!
  • Deboullie Public Reserved Land Off of Rte 161 in St. Francis, ME 04774
    • 21,871-acre lands with remote campsites on 17 crystal clear trout ponds surrounded by rugged mountains. It is east of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and 30 miles from the Canadian border.
  • Dudley Brook Guide Service 405 Rte 212, Merrill, Maine 04780 | (207) 757-8458
    •  Specializing in guided moose and bear hunts with rustic cabins and home cooked meals included!
  • Eagle Lake Public Reserved Land Eagle Lake, ME 04739
    • “Eagle Lake is a 23,000-acre unit including most of Eagle Lake in northern Maine. The unit abuts Square Lake to the east with a thoroughfare connecting the two lakes.”
  • East Branch Lodge 143 Skagrock Rd, Haynesville, ME 04497 | (207) 694-1185
    • Offering cabin rentals, Maine Guide Services, and more!
  • Estabrook Camps multiple North Maine Woods locations | (207) 447-9511
    • Several cabins available at different locations in the Woods, with hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activity services!
  • Finns and Antlers Guide Service 12 Aroostook Rd, Molunkus, ME 04459 | (207) 765-2955
    • Located just outside of Macwahoc village, this long-time guide service offers hunting and fishing packages, as well as Maine Registered Guide training courses and more!
  • Franks Mountain View Lodge 818 Benedicta Rd, Benedicta, ME 04733 | (207) 365-4316
    • Great lodge catering to hunters, fishers, and other outdoor enthusiasts!
  • Front Ridge Guide Service 207 Wiley Rd, Littleton, ME 04730 | (207) 538-0182
    • “Specializing in bear over bait and guided moose hunts.” Front Ridge Guide Service claims to have a near 100% success rate.
  • Great Northern Outfitters 310 Dickey Rd, Allagash, ME 04774 | (207) 398-3330
    • Outfitter of hunting and canoe trips with accommodation options.
  • Homestead Lodge 871 Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 435-6357
    • This gorgeous farmhouse lodge offers guided hunting and fishing packages and the classic bed and breakfast experience for other visitors at very reasonable prices. Their in-house restaurant and bar are the perfect place to end a day out exploring the Maine woods.
  • Hunter’s Point Guide Service Portage Lake, Maine 04768 | (207) 435-2231
    • Specializing in Bowhunting.
  • Katahdin Air Service (207) 723-8378
    • The fastest way to reach your lakeside destinations in the Woods, with the chance to enjoy Maine’s from above! Offering connections to hiking, canoeing, sporting, and lodging destinations, tours, and the amazing “Fly N Dine” experience.
  • Katahdin Lodge 626 Aroostook Scenic Hwy, Moro Plantation, ME 04780 | (207) 528-7731
    • This cozy lodge can help with arranging snowmobiling ATVing, hunting, fishing, dogsledding, and other outdoor activities in the Moro area.
  • Katahdin’s Shadow Lodge 2507 Bangor Rd, Linneus, ME 04730 | (207) 649-9975
    • Classic Northern Maine hunting and fishing camp, with easy access to great ATV and snowmobile trails.
  • Maine Blackwater Outfitters 1670 Masardis Rd, Masardis, ME 04732 | (207) 540-4101
    • Lodge and guide service offering hunting and snowmobiling trips along with rentals of their gorgeous log cabins.
  • North Country Lodge Aroostook Scenic Hwy, Moro, ME 04780 | (207) 528-2320
    • Beautiful lodge specializing in guided bear hunts. They can help arrange hunting, fishing, and other outdoor trips.
  • Northeastern Adventures 2304 St. John Rd, St. John, ME 04743 | (207) 834-5259
    • Expert guide service for hunting, fishing, canoeing, and more!
  • Northern Hideaway Sporting Camps 46°53’01.2″N 69°42’59.9″W | (207) 768-0517
    • One of the most remote camps in the Woods, offering guided hunts, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
  • Northwoods Outfitters PO Box 160, 5 Lily Bay Rd, Greenville, ME 04441 | (866) 223-1380
    • Outfitter offering guided canoeing on the Allagash, St. John, and other Northern Maine rivers and a variety of other outdoor adventure activities.
  • Rising Sun Outfitters 1073 Ferry Rd, Bancroft, ME 04497 | (207) 461-4611
    • Offering guided Sea Duck, Bear, and Moose hunts!
  • Smoldering Lake Outfitters 129 Snow Rd, Bridgewater, ME 04735 | (207) 429-0910 
    • Guided bear, moose, deer, ruffed grouse, woodcock, puddle duck, goose, and sea duck hunts and lodging available!
  • Spaulding Lake Outfitters Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 561-6499
    • Lodge and outfitter located just south of Oxbow, offering cozy accommodations, home-cooked meals, and guided hunting, fishing, and canoeing/camping trips. They are also a popular snowmobiling destination in the winter!
  • Trackdown Lodge & Cabins 891 Aroostook Rd, Wallagrass, ME 04781 | (207) 834-3612
    • Comfortable lodge offering guided hunts and fishing, an in-house restaurant and lounge, and a banquet hall!
  • Umcolcus Sporting Camps 1243A Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 841-0508
    • Great lodge with a long history offering cabin rentals, home-cooked meals, and packages for hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, snowmobiling, and more. They have hosted some celebrities over the years, including world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey!
  • Wadleigh Mountain Camps 1256 Oxbow Rd, Oxbow, ME 04764 | (207) 435-3035
    • Comfy, cozy lodge located outside of Oxbow, specializing in hunting opportunities and offering home-cooked meals onsite!
  • #9 Lake Outfitters 174 Boundary Line Rd, Bridgewater, ME 04735 | (802) 738-9777
    • Providing guided bear, moose, deer, rabbit, and partridge hunts as well as lodging!
  • 3 Rivers Guide Service 508 Crystal Rd, Island Falls, ME 04747
    • Great lodge and outfitter providing all sorts of outdoor activities including hunts, fishing, canoe and camping trips, snowmobiling, and more!

 DownEast Maine

Wildlife Management Districts 27, 28, and parts of 1, 19, and 26 can be found in Downeast Maine.

  • Amherst Mountains Community Forest Rte 9, Amherst, ME 04605 | (207) 941-4412
    • If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, look no further! Here you can find recreation trails, wildlife, remote camping, and more!
  • Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land 425 ME-191, Cutler, ME 04626 | (207) 941-4412
    • Three remote tent sites, ten miles of trails, and spectacular views from the property’s steep cliffs. It is a 12,334-acre expanse that also has blueberry barrens, woodlands, peatlands, and 4.5 miles of headlands overlooking the Bay of Fundy.
  • Donnell Park Public Reserved Land Schoodic Beach Rd, Franklin, ME 04634 | (207) 941-4412
    • Water access campsites can be found on Donnell Pond, the southern end of Tunk Lake, and Spring River Lake. Walk-in access to campsites is available from the Schoodic Beach access trail. This area is a great spot for long hikes and beautiful views.
  • Downeast Hunts Beech Ridge Rd Beddington, ME 04622 | (207) 604-4734
    • Specializing in black bear hunts.
  • Duck Lake Public Reserved Land Lakeville Twp, ME 04487 | (207) 941-4412
    • Visitors enjoy camping and fishing in this semi-remote area surrounded by lakes. Duck Lake, the Unknown Lakes, and Gassabias Lake offer fishing, boating, swimming, camping, and snowmobiling.
  • Laney’s Guide Service 165 Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668 | (207) 215-5065
    • “Guiding is our passion. It’s not a hobby.”
  • Machias River Corridor Machias River, Machias, ME 04654 | (207) 941-4412
    • This corridor envelopes the Machias River, which features the country’s largest self-sustaining wild Atlantic salmon run. This spot is great for camping, birding, fishing, hunting, and it is particularly popular with experienced paddlers.
  • Perry’s Guide Service 1314 Northfield Rd, Machias, ME 04654| (207) 598-5109
    • Offering guided moose hunts and fishing trips.
  • Rene Henderson Natural Area 210 The Shore Rd, Castine, ME 04421 | (207) 259-5040 
    • With a 2.5-mile loop of trails, the Rene Henderson Natural Area is a celebration of Maine’s natural environment. Not only can you hike, but if you happen to find yourself here in the winter, the small lake that is within the preserve’s bounds is an awesome place to go ice skating! There used to be human activity in the area, so look out for artifacts and signs of days gone by!
  • Robertson Sea Tours 183 Dorman Rd, Harrington, ME 04643 | (207) 483-6110
    • Seaside tours and more; this company will take you offshore to enjoy the water!
  • Rocky Lake Public Reserved Land Rocky Lake, ME 04691 | (207) 941-4412
    • “With 11,000 acres of woodlands and wetlands bordering three lakes near East Machias, the Rocky Lake Public Lands provide opportunities for boating, camping, and fishing in a wildlife-rich setting.”
  • Schoodic Maine Guide & Hancock Point Kayak Tours 58 Point Rd, Hancock, ME 04640 | (207) 266-4449
    Hancock Point kayak tour
    Hancock Point kayak tour
    • Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife that Maine has to offer!

Western Maine

Composed of parts of Wildlife Management Districts: 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21, and 22. 

  • Bigelow Preserve Public Reserved Land Farmington, ME 04938 | (207) 778-8231
    • About 40 miles out of Farmington is this reservation that has the most beautiful views around by canoe.
  • Carrabassett Valley Outdoor Association (CVOA) 4068 Carrabassett Dr, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947 | (207) 265-2397
    •  “Mission: To foster and promote the conservation of our natural resources and the creation of recreational opportunities in our region.” This fun group provides great activities including ski trips, kayaking, hiking, bowling, and more! They also have a wonderful, state of the art shooting range near Sugarloaf.
  • Chesterville Wildlife Management Area Chesterville, ME 04938
    • This beautiful tract of preserved land, accessible from the center of Chesterville, is a great location for some wilderness paddling, fishing, and waterfowl hunting.
  • Grant’s Kennebago Camps 133 Grant’s Camps Ln, North Franklin, ME 04970 | (207) 864-3608
    • Grant’s Kennebago Camps provides a traditional sporting camp experience! They offer 3 home-cooked meals a day, comfortable accommodations, and specialty fly fishing, hunting, golfing, and “moosing” packages.
  • Greater Lovell Land Trust Trails Lovell, ME, 04051 | (207) 925-1056
    • The Greater Lovell Land Trust maintains public hiking trail networks across the town, offering a wide variety of trail lengths, difficulty levels, and scenery, from lakeside to mountaintop!
  • Green Farm Guide Service Coplin Plantation, ME 04970

    • Guided bear, moose, deer, and bird hunts.
  • Magalloway River Farm 285 Wilsons Mills Rd, Wilsons Mills, ME 03579 | (207) 670-8583
    • This family-friendly lodge, located alongside the Magalloway River, offers guided fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and river trips.
  • Mt. Blue State Park Weld, ME 04285 | (207) 585-2347
    • Open year-round, Mt. Blue State Park is a beautiful attraction including all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, trail riding, biking, swimming and picnicking.
  • Rocky Ridge Guide Service 8 Ridge Rd, Lovell, ME 04051 | (207) 925-6262
    • Offering guided turkey, woodcock, grouse, and deer hunts.
  • Setter’s Point Inc 613 Sawin Hill Rd, Albany Township, ME 04217 | (207) 357-4687
    • Located in a beautiful, remote setting, this business, run by a Maine Guide and his Llewellin Setter dogs, provides bird hunting, clay shooting, and fly fishing, as well as guided hunts and fishing trips offsite.
  • Stony Brook Outfitters 55 Morrison Hill Rd, Wilton, ME 04294 | (207) 778-4077
    • This hunting outfitter specializes in big game hunts based from their lodge in Wilton. They offer guiding, comfortable lodging, and home-cooked meals.
  • Waterford Fish & Game Club 819 Norway Rd, Waterford, ME 04088 | (207) 583-8296
    • Cozy club offering skeet and range shooting at reasonable rates.

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