Aroostook County

  • Watson Settlement Bridge Framingham Rd, Littleton, ME 04730
    • One of Maine’s beautiful covered bridges, the historic Watson Settlement Bridge is the oldest surviving bridge in Maine built with the Howe Truss system.

Western Maine

  • Bennett Bridge Littlehale Rd, Lincoln Plt, ME 03579
    • Built in 1901, this 93-foot long covered bridge spans the Magalloway River near Wilson’s Mills and the Lincoln Plantation. It was partially built by Horace Bennett and Fred Taylor in 1898 and was finished by the Mason Brothers, a bridge construction group from Bethel. It was closed to traffic in 1985 but it is still a nice place to walk around.
  • Hemlock Bridge Hemlock Bridge Rd, Fryeburg, ME 04037
    • The historic Hemlock Bridge was built in 1857 and is one of few remaining wooden covered bridges.
  • Lovejoy Bridge Covered Bridge Rd, Andover, ME 04216
    Lovejoy Bridge, Andover
    Maine An EncyclopediaLovejoy Bridge, Andover
    • Built in 1867, this is a fine example of the few remaining wooden covered bridges in Maine.
  • Parsonsfield-Porter Covered Bridge 51 Kezar Mountain Rd, Parsonsfield, ME 04047
    • This fine example of an old covered bridge, one of the few remaining in Maine, spans the Ossipee River between Porter and Parsonsfield just east of Route 160.
  • Ryefield Bridge W Andrew Hill Rd, Otisfield, ME 04270
    • This historic bridge crossing the Crooked River, which is still in use today, is the last remaining suspension bridge of the Warren truss design in Maine.
  • Sunday River Artists’ Covered Bridge Sunday River Rd, Newry, ME 04261
    • This picturesque wooden bridge is a testament to Newry’s long history and is a popular spot for photo-shoots events, and fishing.
  • Wire Bridge New Portland, ME 04954
    •   Located in New Portland, a historic one-of-a-kind bridge.

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