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The town of Limestone was incorporated in 1869, and has had a greatly fluctuating population over the years due to the operation and closure of the former Loring Air Force Base and, interestingly, due to three Phish concerts which caused the town to briefly become the most populous in Maine. (Source)

Although it is a small town today, Limestone is home to some surprising big things, including the giant Loring Commerce Center and the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, which both occupy parts of the former Loring Air Force Base, and the Maine School of Science and Mathematics, ranked one of the top schools in the country. The town is also home to Steve Bartalo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and allegedly the world’s best potatoes, a staple crop in Aroostook county.


  • Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge Refuge Rd, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 328-4634
    • Canoe, hike, cross-country ski, and enjoy viewing and learning about nature at this wonderful site. The Refuge is a conservation success story, as it has turned part of the grounds of the former Loring Air Force Base into a healthy natural haven!
  • Limestone Country Club 487 West Gate Rd, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-6158
    • Offering a long nine-hole golf course with beautiful views and an in-house bar and grill.
  • Loring Air Museum 161 Cupp Rd, Limestone, ME 04751 | (207) 551-3439
    • This museum was created to preserve the history of Loring Air Force Base after its closure, and houses a variety of fascinating historical items.
  • Trafton Lake 88 Lake Rd, Limestone, ME 04750
    • Wonderful little beach with park area and playground, where all the locals hang out in the summer!
  • Trafton Lake Trails 88 Lake Rd, Limestone, ME 04750
    • A 4.5 mile trail network through the forest, with views of the lake and nearby farmland. Great in summer for hiking and biking, and groomed in winter for Nordic skiing!


Aroostook Barn

  • Double Play 20 Main St, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-6078
    • Popular pizza parlor with delicious pizzas, other meal baskets, and a variety of sides!
  • Limestone Country Club 487 West Gate Rd, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-6158
    • Serving great food and spirits daily by the golf course!
  • Rendezvous Restaurant 7 Mountain View Dr, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 328-7211
    • Classic Italian American restaurant serving delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more!


  • The Bunker Inn 17 Virginia Pl, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-6072
    • Motel-style inn located conveniently on the grounds of the Loring Commerce Center!
  • Trafton Lake Campground 88 Lake Rd, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 551-1204
    • Seasonal beachside campground with affordable tent and RV sites.
  • A variety of additional lodging options can be found in nearby Caribou!

Shops & Services

Limestone Farm

  • Mike’s Family Market 5 Main St, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-4767
    • Great local community grocery store with all typical food and home items, including a hardware section.
  • Nita’s Bridal Shop 192 Access Hwy, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-4159
    • Local bridal shop offering everything needed for that big day!
  • Parent’s Country Store 1648 Van Buren Rd, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-4182
    • Providing gas, food, supplies and more for all sorts of Maine adventures!
  • Talk of the Town 6 Main St #2, Limestone, ME 04750 | (207) 325-3440
    • Popular local hair salon offering all typical hair care services!
  • Additional shops & services can be found in nearby Caribou!


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