Senior Skulls Honor Society

The Senior Skulls are the senior tradition society for men here at UMaine. Today’s Senior Skulls are pledged to uphold and promote the ideals of Friendship, Leadership, Obligation, Academics, and Dignity, as well as the standards and traditions of the University, and work to encourage congenial relationships between students, faculty, and alumni. In addition, Senior Skulls also serve as an important liaison between students and the administration. Their service to the student body extends well beyond the group itself; from giving away free refreshments to students waiting in line for various sporting events, to the selection of Homecoming Royalty, to a dynamic new initiative, the University of Maine Traditions Project, designed to increase undergraduates’ awareness of our alma mater’s rich history and varied traditions.

The Senior Skulls were founded in 1906 not only to recognize the top leaders of the incoming senior class but also to create a group that, through its actions and connections, supports one another and promotes the University of Maine. This was true back then and it remains true today.