Club Feature: Sustainability and Environment Action Division (SEAD)

Check you the Club Feature of the Week Sustainability and Environment Action Division (SEAD) SEAD is a representative board whose purpose is to be the voice of the students in terms of environment sustainability on campus. This ranges from Earth Week and all it encompasses, connect clubs in order to spread awareness about club events and […]

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Club Feature: Honors College Student Advisory Board

The Honors College Student Advisory Board is the representative body of all the Honors students on campus, and the members of SAB serve as the bridge between Honors students and the faculty. On the administration side, some of our members attend meetings of the Honors Council, which meets twice a semester, during which we discuss […]

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SWE goes apple picking

Club Feature: Society of Women Engineers

Check out this week’s featured club, The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)! Society of Women Engineers is an organization that promotes growth and success for women in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) field. It recognizes and celebrates women who have made great advancements to engineering and leadership. Our section at the University of […]

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Request for Funding Forms – Now Available

It is time to plan your budgets for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Included in packets that can be found in the UMSG offices are a Budget Timetable, Request for Funding form, and a copy of the Financial Policies for office budgets. All organizations must turn in their completed Request for Funding forms to the Financial Affairs […]

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Club Feature: Philosophy Club

The UMSG Club Feature of the week is the Philosophy Club! Find out more information about their organization and be sure to check out “dwell”, the student philosophy journal! Description of your organization: The Philosophy Club is the ultimate organization for free thinkers. We invite philosophers of all kind, analytic, continental, or those who are […]

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Employment Opportunity: V.P. for Financial Affairs

The UMSG Inc. position of Vice President for Financial Affairs has recently become vacant and we are looking to fill it as soon as possible in order to resume normal function. Below you can find a PDF with information and a description of the position’s responsibilities, as well as the application form.  If you are […]

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ISO goes Bowling

Club Spotlight: International Students Association

The featured UMSG Club this week is International Students Association (ISA)!   “Personally, I would say in my mind we are not just an organization, but we are also friends who hang out and help out outside the organization. We make sure everyone know each other and figure out the best for the organization. We try […]

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Club Feature: The Feminist Collective

The Club Feature of the Week for Student Government is the Feminist Collective.  “We are a community association advocating for equal rights for women and any student who identifies with any aspect of womanhood; this includes transgender, non-binary, and/or gender fluid students who feel that their relationship with womanhood and/or their reproductive capabilities is why they […]

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CANs on MaineDAY

Club Feature: CANS

This weeks UMSG featured club is CANS!  CANS is a student representative board that represents the commuter and non-traditional students. This includes people living off campus, parents and even veterans. They work closely with the staff of the commuter lounge to make a “second home” for those commuters that spend most of their day on campus […]

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