The University of Maine Student Government is looking to expand representation within CANS (Commuter and Nontraditional Students). We’re looking to have representation from each apartment complex and to form a committee that can organize regular meet-up events where students can discuss what issues they’re having with management, socialize, hear from the Student Legal Services attorney, and/or provide feedback directly to Student Government officers. Help us form this committee that can speak with a much louder voice than individuals dealing with issues at The Ave, The Reserve, and Orchard Trails.

If you’re interested in helping us start this process, or you might be interested in being a representative or attending an event, please fill in your contact information below to be added to the email list.

What can Student Government Offer Off Campus Students?

  • Funding for events focused on building community in your apartment complex
  • Legal advice, lease review, and an explanation of your rights as tenants
  • A voice directly to the University of Maine administration on what you need and want
  • A voice within Student Government on what you want for entertainment and student organizations