Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student eligible for Upward Bound services?

Students that attend an Upward Bound target school (click here to view our target schools) are eligible to apply to the UMaine Upward Bound program. Accepted students are those that come from low-income homes and/OR have parent(s)/guardian(s) without a bachelor’s degree. 

How do I know if my family is considered ‘low-income’?

Each year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes the current year guidelines for family income levels for Federal TRIO Programs. Click here to read the U.S Dept. of Education’s page on family-income levels, or visit our Student Eligibility page here to see if your family falls under this classification.

If I have a student currently in Upward Bound, can their sibling(s) or other family members apply to participate?

Yes, if a current student in Upward Bound has a sibling or family member that is interested in participating they are welcomed to apply. All interested students must fall under UB’s eligibility requirements and will be expected to submit a full student application. More information on how to apply to Upward Bound can be found by clicking here

Are there any cost or fees for Upward Bound services?

No, Upward Bound is a federally funded educational opportunity program, which means that services provided to current participants are offered at NO COST to them or their families. If a student is traveling with UB, UB will cover the cost of any necessary purchases such as meals, lodging, activity fees, etc.